Traditional Irish folk music tunes and songs part 2

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Irish Traditional Music CollectionClick on the tune number (under Tune #) to go to the page showing that tune. When in that page, left click on the speed selector to play the tune, or click back on your browser to return to this page. Note: The midi arrangements are intended for reference and educational purposes only, and have been designed to emphasize the melody (left channel) and the rhythm with a simple bass and chord backing (right channel)

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Title Tune # Key Lyrics?
Carolan's Farewell 007476 GMin No
Carolan's Farewell To Music 007477 AMin No
Carolan's Jig 007478 DMaj No
Langstrom's Pony 005890 Amix No
Lannigan's Ball (Em) 005895 Eaeolian No
Lannigan's Ball (G) 005894 GMaj Yes
Laurel Groves, The 005947 DMaj No
Lisnagade 006098 DMaj Yes
Londonderry Hornpipe 006208 DMaj No
Lord Gordon's Reel 006257 DMaj No
Lord Mayo 006268 ADor No
Madame Maxwell 006419 DMaj No
Maggie Brown's Favourite 006425 GMaj No
Maggie In The Wood 006426 GMaj No
Maid At The Spinning Wheel, The 006443 GMaj No
Maids Of Mourne Shore 006479 DMaj Yes
Maloney's Wife 006503 DMaj No
Man From Newry 006510 GMaj No
Master Crowley 006631 DMaj No
May Day 006654 AMaj No
May Day 2 006655 GMaj No
McQuillen's Irish Green 006699 GMaj No
Merrily Kiss The Quaker's Wife 006745 GMaj No
Miss Campbell 006839 GMaj No
Miss Monahan's Reel 006869 DMaj No
Moher Reel, The 006911 GMaj No
Moll Roe 006917 GMaj No
Molly Malone(Cockles & Mussels) 006927 CMaj Yes
Mooncoin, The 006955 DMaj No
Morgan Megan 006966 GMaj No
Morning Dew, The 006970 EDor No
Mullingar Races, The 007079 DMaj No
Munster Buttermilk 007085 DMaj No
My Irish Molly-O 007156 AMaj Yes
My Little Dark Rose 007169 DMaj No
Mysteries Of Knock, The 007219 AMaj No
New York Girls 007314 GMaj Yes
O'Keefe's Polka 007493 BMaj No
O'Keefe's Slide 007494 Ador No
O'Neill's March 007498 EDor No
Oak Tree, The 007511 DMaj No
Paddy On The Railway 007909 DMaj Yes
Paddy Works On The Railway 007921 CMaj Yes
Paddy's Green Shamrock Shore 007922 CMaj Yes
Padraig O'Keefe's Slide 007932 DMaj No
Pigeon On The Gate, The 008107 DMaj No
Pipe On The Hob 008123 ADor No
Planxty Davis 008148 DMaj No
Planxty Fanny Powers 008151 GMaj No
Planxty Hewlett 008153 DMaj No
Princess Royal 008344 EMin No
Rocky Road To Dublin (D) 008765 DMaj No
Rodney's Glory 008769 ADor No
Rody McCorley 008770 FMaj Yes
Roisin Dubh 008773 DMaj No
Rollicking Irishman, The 008791 DMaj No
Roxbough Castle 008891 AMaj No
Ryan's Rant 008918 AMin No
Saddle The Pony 008927 GMaj No
Sailor's Jacket 008958 DMix No
Separation Of Soul And Body 009186 GMaj No
Sheebeg And Sheemore 009283 DMaj No
Sheehan's Reel 009285 GMaj No
Ships Are Sailing 009328 EDor No
Smash The Window 009498 DMaj No
Sonny Brogan's Mazurka 009584 DMaj No
South Wind, The 009619 GMaj Yes
Spanish Lady 009639 DMaj Yes
Star Above The Garter, The 009727 GMaj No
Tarbolton Reel, The 010020 EDor No

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