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56               INDIAN GAMES AND DANCES
tree for the central pole after the manner of the Omaha; if so, a space around a single tree can be made to serve. Bands of red and black muslin or paper should be put about the tree trunk; these are to symbolize the days and nights enjoyed during the camp life. The mem­bers of the camp should be divided into groups and each group have a name and a color. Small branches should be gathered, equal in number to those who will take part in the dance. If actual branches are not available, wands can be used; to these fluttering decorations of green paper should be attached, also a streamer the color of the group. Each group should be assigned a place in the wide circle that is to be made about the tree.
When all are ready the following Call should be sung. The Indian words are retained, as they are easy to pro­nounce and fit the meaning, and are adapted to the long echoing cadences of the Call.
Song No. I
Zha-wa i-ba i-ba e-he, Zha-wa i-ba i-ba ha e-he.
[Words: Zha-wa = to rejoice; i-ba = come; ha = vowel prolongation of the syllable ba; e-he = I bid you. "I bid you come to rejoice."]
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