A Pentecostal and Apostolic Hymnal: Titles H

A Hymnal for Apostolic and Pentecostal Churches, 1500+ Christian Hymn and Gospel lyrics with PDF.

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Had It Not Been Hail The Day That Sees Him Rise Alleluia Hail The Day That Sees Him Rise Hail To The Lords Anointed Halleluejah Im Going Home Halleluejah Im Ready Hallelujah Ewing Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallowed Day And Holy Hark Creations Alleluia Hark Hark My Soul Angelic Songs Are Swelling Hark My Soul It Is The Lord Hark On The Highway Of Life A Sound Hark The Glad Sound The Saviour Comes Hark The Herald Angels Sing Hark The Swelling Breezes Rising From Afar Hark The Voice Of Jesus Crying Hark The Voice Of Love And Mercy Hark Tis The Shepherds Voice I Hear Hark Tis The Watchmans Cry Harvest Time Hasten Sinner To Be Wise Have A Little Talk With Jesus Have Thine Own Way Lord Have Thine Own Way Have Thine Own Way Lord Have We Eer Heard Those Weighty Words Have You Been To Jesus For The Cleansing Power Have You Made Your Reservation Have You Read The Story Of The Cross Have You Visited Heaven Lately He Came A Long Long Way From Heaven He Came Walking On The Water He Can He First Loved Me He Forgives And He Forgets He Gave To Me A Seal He Grew The Tree He Has Never Changed He Is Gone A Cloud Of Light He Is Risen He Looked Beyond My Fault He Means The World To Me He Saw It All He Saw Me He Saw Not What I Was He Saw What I Could Be He Set Me Free He Took Me Just As I Am He Took My Sins Away He Touched Me He Was Nailed To The Cross For Me He Washed My Eyes With Tears He Will Answer Every Prayr He Will Calm The Troubled Waters He Will Carry You Ii He Will Carry You He Will Set Your Fields On Fire He Wrote My Name Head Of The Church Triumphant Headin Home Healer Hear The Footsteps Of Jesus He Is Now Passing By Hear The Voice From Heaven Saying Heavenly Father Gently Lead Us Heavenly Sunrise Heavens Point Of View Heavens Sing Ye Earth Rejoice Heavens Sounding Sweeter Hell Come Walking On The Water Hell Understand And Say Well Done Here O My Lord I See Thee Face To Face Here They Come Here We Suffer Grief And Pain Herein Doth Perfect Rest Abide Hes Already Walked Through The Valley Hes An Awesome God Hes As Close As The Mention Of His Name Hes Been Good To Me Hes Coming Again Hes Coming Back Again Hes Coming Soon (tune Ashes Of Love) Hes Got The Whole World Hes My Best Friend Hes My Lighthouse Hes My Lord And My God Hes Never Changed Hes Not A Stranger To Me Anyore Hes Still Waiting By The Well Hes Still Working On Me Hes The Lover Of My Soul Hes The Only Reason I Live Hes Worthy Of The Glory Hide Me Oh Blessed Rock Of Ages Hillbilly Heaven His Way With Thee Ho My Comrades See The Signal Ho Reapers In The Whitened Harvest Hold To Gods Unchanging Hand Holding On To Jesus Holding To My Saviors Hand Holy And Gracious Lord Holy Bible Book Divine Holy Father Hear Me Holy Ground Holy Holy Holy Lord God Almighty Holy Holy Holy Holy Is The Lord God Almighty Holy Spirit Come Down Home Of The Soul Home Where Grief Cannot Come Home Homesick Look Honey In The Rock Hosanna Blessed Be The Rock Hosanna Raise The Pealing Hymn Hosanna To The Living Lord Hosanna Unto Davids Son How Beautiful Heaven Must Be How Can I Hold My Peace How Delightful Is The Lords Day How Did The Goats Get In How Excellent How Far Is Heaven How Firm A Foundation Ye Saints Of The Lord How Firm A Foundation How Great Is Our God How Great It Is How Great Thou Art How Long Has It Been How Our Hearts Long For Thee How Shall Our Children And Young Ones How Sweet It Is This Holy Day How Sweet The Hour Of Closing Day How Sweet The Name Of Jesus Sounds How Tedious And Tasteless Hush Blessed Are The Dead Hushed Was The Evening Hymn

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