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Thou, Lord of Life-Samuel Longfellow ca Thou, Lord, Art Love, and Everywhere-James Burns Thou, Lord, Hast Dealt Well with Thy Servant-The Psalter Thou, Lord, Hast Forsaken-The Psalter Thou, Lord, Hast Power to Heal-Venice Thou, Lord, by Strictest Search Hast Known-Tate and Brady Thou, O Jehovah, Shalt Endure-The Psalter Thou, O Lord, Art God Alone-From Psalm Thou, Who Didst Call Thy Saints of Old-Edward Welch Thou, Who Didst Make and Fashion Me-The Psalter Thou, Who at Thy First Eucharist Didst Pray-William Turton Thou, Whose Almighty Word-John Mariott Thou, Whose Unmeasured Temple Stands-William Bryant Thou, the Christ Forever One-William Bright Thou, the Great, Eternal God-Charles Wesley Though I Am Poor and Sorrowful-The Psalter Though I Speak-Susan Peterson Though Jericho Pleasantly Stood-John Newton Though Kindred Ties Around Us-Fanny Crosby Though Lowly Here Our Lot-William Gaskell Though Mighty Foes Assail Me, Lord-The Psalter Though Now the Nations Sit Beneath-Leonard Bacon Though Troubles Assail Us-John Newton Though Troubles Great O'ershadow Me-The Psalter Though Your Sins Be as Scarlet-Fanny Crosby Though in the Outward Church Below-John Newton Though the Fig Tree Shall Not Blossom-Ernest Thompson Three Kings from Out the Orient-Thomas Brown Three Kings' Song-Translated by Sabine BaringGould Three in One, and One in Three-Gilbert Rorison Thrice Blessed Ground-John Gambold Thrice Happy Man Who Fears the Lord-Isaac Watts Thrice Happy Souls-Uknown Thrice-Holy Name!-Francis Palgrave Thro' the New Heav'n What Voices Ring-Elsie Thalheimer Throned upon the Awful Tree-John Ellerton Through All the Changing Scenes of Life-Tate and Brady Through All the Years, May Israel Say-The Psalter Through Every Age, Eternal God-Isaac Watts Through Good Report and Evil, Lord-Horatius Bonar Through Love to Light-Christopher Wordsworth Through Me-Katherine Barker Through Midnight Gloom from Macedon-Samuel Stone Through the Ages Saints Have Wondered-Richard Adams Through the Day Thy Love Has Spared Us-Thomas Kelly Through the Love of God Our Savior-Mary Peters Through the Night Thy Angels Kept-William Canton Through the Night of Doubt and Sorrow-Bernhardt Ingemann Through the Valley-A C P Crozier Throw Out the Life Line-Edwin Ufford Thus Far the Lord Hath Led Me On-Isaac Watts Thus I Resolved Before the Lord-Isaac Watts Thus Saith the Lord, The Spacious Fields-Isaac Watts Thus Saith the Lord, Your Work Is Vain-Isaac Watts Thus Speaks the Lord to Wicked Men-From Psalm Thus the Eternal Father Spake-Isaac Watts Thus the Great Lord of Earth and Sea-Isaac Watts Thy Blessing, O Lord-Anonymous Thy Bounties, Gracious Lord-Elizabeth Scott Thy Broken Body, Gracious Lord-Samuel Tregelles Thy Brother Calls to Thee-Joseph Berry Thy Ceaseless, Unexhausted Love-Charles Wesley Thy Daughter Is Free-A J Maxham Thy Faithfulness, Lord, Each Moment We Find-Charles Wesley Thy God Reigneth!-Fred Shepherd Thy Goodness, Lord, Our Souls Confess-Thomas Gibbons Thy Hand Upholdeth Me-Fanny Crosby Thy Hand, O God, Has Guided-Edward Plumptre Thy Holy Spirit, Lord, Alone-Fanny Crosby Thy Home Is with the Humble, Lord-Frederick Faber Thy Kingdom Come-C McKibbin Thy Kingdom Come! O Father, Hear Our Prayer-Margaret Seebach Thy Kingdom Come, O God-Lewis Hensley Thy Kingdom Come, O Lord-Frederick Hosmer Thy Kingdom Come, on Bended Knee-Frederick Hosmer Thy Life I Read-Samuel Stennett Thy Little Ones, Dear Lord, Are We-Hans Brorson Thy Loving-Kindness, Lord, I Sing-George Cheever Thy Lovingkindness, Lord, Is Good and Free-The Psalter Thy Mansion Is the Christian's Heart-John Newton Thy Mercies Fill the Earth, O Lord-Isaac Watts Thy Mercy and Thy Truth, O Lord-The Psalter Thy Mercy, Lord, Is in the Heav'ns-Francis Rous Thy Might Sets Fast the Mountains-The Psalter Thy Name, Almighty Lord-Isaac Watts Thy Presence, Gracious God, Afford-John Fawcett Thy Promised Mercies Send to Me-From Psalm Thy Servant, Blessed by Thee-The Psalter Thy Spirit, O Lord-The Psalter Thy Table I Approach-Gerhard Molanus Thy Tender Mercies, O My Lord-From Psalm Thy Way and All Thy Sorrows-Paul Gerhardt Thy Way, Not Mine, O Lord-Horatius Bonar Thy Ways, O Lord, with Wise Design-Ambrose Serle Thy Will Be Done-Jennie Hussey Thy Wondrous Testimonies, Lord-The Psalter Thy Word Have I Hid in My Heart-Ernest Sellers Thy Word Is Like a Garden, Lord-Edwin Hodder Thy Word Is a Lamp-Fanny Crosby Thy Word Sheds Light upon My Path-The Psalter

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