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The Day of All Days-James Black The Day of Christ-Armand Miller The Day of Resurrection-John of Damascus The Day of the Lord Is at Hand-Charles Kingsley The Day the Christ-Child's Tender Eyes-May Smith The Day, O Lord, Is Spent-John Neale The Day-Star Hath Risen-Fanny Crosby The Days Are Gliding Swiftly By-Mrs E H Leland ca The Dear Old Bible-Haldor Lillenas The Death of Jesus Christ, Our Lord-Haquin Spegel The Duteous Day Now Closeth-Paul Gerhardt The Dying Robber Raised His Aching Brow-Thomas Lacey The Earth Belongs to the Lord-Hal Hopson The Earth Belongs to the Lord-Susan Peterson The Earth Belongs unto the Lord-Scottish Psalter The Earth Forever Is the Lord's-Isaac Watts The Earth Is Hushed in Silence-Anonymous The Earth Is the Lord's-Berg Esaenawein The Earth and the Fullness with Which It Is Stored-The Psalter The Earth with All Her Fullness Owns-Charles Wesley The Earth, O Lord, Is One Wide Field-John Neale The Earth, with All That Dwell Therein-The Psalter The Easter Bells-Ida Reed The Easter Dawn-Pauline Gilmour The Eastern Gate-Isaiah Martin The Echoed Song-Eliza Sherman The Eden Above-W W Whitney The End Is Not Yet-E D Elliott The End of the Road-Lizzie DeArmond The Ends of All the Earth Shall Hear-The Psalter The Eternal Gifts of Christ the King-Ambrose of Milan th Century The Everlasting Arms-William Hanna The Everlasting Hills-Fanny Crosby The Everlasting Hymn-Eliza Hewitt The Everlasting Song-Fanny Crosby The Eye of Faith-J J Maxfield The Family Bible-Martin Dakin The Family Bible-James Rowe The Fast, as Taught by Holy Lore-Latin th Century The Father's Care-P B Sabin The Father's Sole Begotten Son-From the Latin The Fathers Built This City-William Tarrant The Fields Are White-E J Peacock The Fields Are White-James Scotland ca The Fiery Trial-Charles Wesley The Fight Is On-Lelia Morris The Fire Is Burning-Johnson Oatman Jr The First Christmas Song-Grant Tullar The First Noel-English carol The Fish in Wave, the Bird on Wing-Charles Coffin The Flocks Were Wrapped in Slumber-R F Smith The Foes of Zion Quake for Fright-Charles Spurgeon The Foundation of God Standeth Sure-Louis Holcomb The Friend I Need-Edwin Adams The Friend of Sinners Dies-Isaac Watts The Friendly Beasts-th Century The Future-Jennie Stout th Century The Galilean-Andrew Mann The Garden of My Heart-Haldor Lillenas The Gate Ajar for Me-Lydia Baxter The Gathering Clouds, with Aspect Dark-John Newton The Gathering of the Nations-Fronia Smith The Gift of Love-Hal Hopson The Gleaner-Anna Allen The Gloomy Night Will Soon Be Past-Samuel Tregelles The Glorious Gates of Righteousness-The Psalter The Glorious Gospel Train-Franklin Eiland The Glorious Hope-Anton Kehrein The Glorious Tidings-Victor Hatfield The Glory of These Forty Days-Latin th Century The Glory of the Lord-From Psalm The Glory of the Spring How Sweet!-Thomas Gill The God Jehovah Reigns!-Isaac Watts The God Who Answers by Fire-Lelia Morris The God Who Built the Lofty Sky-Edward Earl The God Who Made Both Heaven and Earth-Anonymous The God Who Sits Enthroned on High(1)-The Psalter The God Who Sits Enthroned on High(2)-From Psalm The God Whom Earth, and Sea, and Sky-Silvio Antoniano The God of Abraham Praise-Daniel ben Judah ca The God of Glory Sends His Summons Forth-Isaac Watts The God of Holiness and Love-Daniel Borges The God of Love My Shepherd Is-George Herbert The God of Nature and of Grace-James Montgomery The God of Our Salvation Hears-Isaac Watts The Golden Bells-William Ruddiman The Golden Carol-Old English The Golden Gates Are Lifted Up-Cecil Alexander The Golden Shore-William Gardner The Good Man's Steps Are Led Aright-From Psalm The Good Old Christian Way-Charles Overton The Good Old Way-Fanny Crosby The Good Shepherd-George Ferreira The Gospel Bells-Wesley Martin The Gospel Is for All-John McCaleb The Gospel Railroad-Martha Whitten The Gospel Shows the Father's Grace-Matthias Loy The Gospel Train-Charles Miles The Gospel Train-Johnson Oatman Jr The Gospel Trumpet's Sounding-English

There are also many other Christian pieces on this site which are included with other collections, e.g. the Children's Songs section contains quite a few.