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Still Out of Christ-Fanny Crosby Still Sweeter Every Day-William Martin ca Still Throned in Heav'n-William Bright Still Undecided-Ernest Wesley Still Whiter Than Snow-Miriam Stabler Still Will We Trust-William Burleigh Still with Thee, O My God-James Burns Still, Still with Thee-Harriet Stowe Stop, Poor Sinner, Stop and Think-John Newton Storm the Fort-Justus Vinton Story of the Shepherd-Luis de Gangora y Argote Story of the Wise Men-I F Leyda Strait Is the Gate to All That Come-Lina Sandell Strengthen for Service, Lord-From the Liturgy of Malabar Stretched on the Cross, the Savior Dies-Anne Steele Stricken, Smitten, and Afflicted-Thomas Kelly Strive Aright When God Doth Call-Johann Winckler Strive for Eternal Day-Albina Bean Strong Son of God, Immortal Love-Alfred Tennyson Strong of Body, High of Spirit-Richard Felton Strong, Righteous Man of Galilee-Harry Farrington Stupendous Mystery!-Charles Wesley Such as in God the Lord Do Trust-William Kethe Suffer Little Children-James Bell Suffer the Children-Clara Burnham Suffer the Children to Come to Me-Margarette Snodgrass Summer Suns Are Glowing-William How Sun of My Soul-John Keble Sunday School Volunteer Song-Fanny Crosby Sunlight All the Way-Mattie Boteler Sunlight in the Heart-Mrs M T Haughey Sunshine Song-Earl Brininstool Sunshine in My Soul-Eliza Hewitt Sunshine on the Hill-Fanny Crosby Suppliant, Lo!-Thomas Gray Jr Supported by the Word-John Newton Sure There's a Righteous God-Isaac Watts Surrounded by Unnumbered Foes-Gerald Massey Surrounded by a Host of Foes-The Wesleys Sweeping This Way-Mrs C H Good Sweet Assurance-Fanny Crosby Sweet Child Divine-Jesse Brett before Sweet Easter Bells-Anonymous ca Sweet Easter Bells A-Chime-Fanny Crosby Sweet Easter-Time-James Rowe Sweet Feast of Love Divine-Edward Denny Sweet Flowerets of the Martyr Band-From the Latin Sweet Hosannas-Mrs L M Buck Sweet Hour of Holy, Thoughtful Prayer-Caroline Gilman Sweet Hour of Prayer-William Walford Sweet Is Thy Mercy, Lord-John Monsell Sweet Is the Breath of Morning Air-Horace Smith Sweet Is the Memory of Thy Grace-Isaac Watts Sweet Is the Sunlight After Rain-Morley Punshon Sweet Is the Work, My God, My King-Isaac Watts Sweet Is the Work, O Lord-Harriet Auber Sweet Peace, the Gift of God's Love-Peter Bilhorn Sweet Place-Samuel Crossman Sweet Savior, Bless Us Ere We Go-Frederick Faber Sweet Savior, in Thy Pitying Grace-Theoktistus ca Sweet Story of Jesus-Fanny Crosby Sweet Voices-Joseph Berry Sweet Was the Time When First I Felt-John Newton Sweet Will of God-Lelia Morris Sweet and Clear the Birds Are Singing-Anonymous Sweet the Moments, Rich in Blessing-James Allen and Walter Shirley Sweeten Your Deeds with Love-Ina Ogdon Sweeter Day by Day-Louise Bell Sweeter Sounds Than Music Knows-John Newton Sweeter Than All-Johnson Oatman Sweeter as the Days Go By-James Rowe Sweeter as the Years Go By-Lelia Morris Sweetest Joy the Soul Can Know-Paul Gerhardt Sweetest Music, Softly Stealing-G W Brindley berore Sweetly Dawns the Sabbath Morning-Thomas Stephenson ca Sweetly Resting-Mary James Sweetly Sang the Angels-John Julian Sweetly the Holy Hymn-Charles Spurgeon Swell the Anthem, Raise the Song-Nathan Strong Swift As an Eagle's Flight-William Groser Swing Low, Sweet Chariot-AfricanAmerican spiritual Swing, Snowy Lilies-Ida Reed Take Care of Me-Fanny Crosby Take Jesus with You-Albert Fredericks Take Me as I Am-Eliza Hamilton Take Me as I Am, O Savior-William Williams Take Me as Thy Tool, O Lord-Josiah Carley Take Me, O My Father, Take Me-Ray Palmer Take My Heart, O Father!-Charles Wesley Take My Life and Let It Be-Frances Havergal Take Not Thought for Food or Raiment-From the Latin Take Our Gifts-Julia Johnston Take Thou Our Minds, Dear Lord-William Foulkes Take Time to Be Holy-William Longstaff Take Up Thy Cross-Charles Everest Take Up Thy Cross-Alfred Ackley Take Wings to Thy Soul-Eliza Hewitt Take a Stand for Jesus-Jeremiah Rankin Take the Home-Path-Brown Rowland Take the Life-Boat-Mrs Bradford Spoor

There are also many other Christian pieces on this site which are included with other collections, e.g. the Children's Songs section contains quite a few.