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8000+ Christian Hymn and Gospel Song lyrics with downloadable PDF for printing.

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Sinners, Dismiss Your Fear-Charles Wesley Sinners, Obey the Gospel Word-Charles Wesley Sinners, Rejoice Your Peace Is Made-The Wesleys Sinners, Turn Why Will You Die-Charles Wesley Sinners, Will You Scorn the Message-Johnathan Allen Sinners, Your Hearts Lift Up-Charles Wesley Sinners, the Voice of God Regard-John Fawcett Sion's Daughter, Weep No More-Roman Breviary Sion, Haste to Meet Thy King-John Anketell Sitting at the Feet of Jesus-J H th Century Six Days of Labor Now Are Past-Charles Coffin Sleep Not, Soldier-Elizabeth Gaskell Sleep Thy Last Sleep-Edward Dayman Sleep! Holy Babe-Edward Caswall Sleep, Baby, Sleep-North German lullaby Sleep, Little Baby-Bohemian carol Sleep, My Little Jesus-William Gannett Sleep, My Savior, Sleep-Sabine BaringGould Sleepers, Wake! The Watch Cry Pealeth-Philipp Nicolai Slowly Fall the Snowflakes-Frederick Lee Slowly Sinks the Setting Sun-William Lacy Slowly, Slowly Darkening-Samuel Greg Smile and Sing-Grant Tullar So Did the Hebrew Prophet Raise-Isaac Watts So I Can Wait-Julia Thompson So Let Our Lips and Lives Express-Isaac Watts So Lowly Doth the Savior Ride-Almer Pennewell So Near to the Kingdom-Fanny Crosby So Rest My Rest!-Salomo Franck So Will I Comfort You-Thomas Westendorf Soft Falls the Evening-Grace Lutz Soft the Bells Are Ringing-Eliza Sherman Softly Fades the Twilight Ray-Samuel Smith Softly Now the Light of Day-George Doane Softly Sighs the Breath of Evening-Author unknown Softly and Tenderly Jesus Is Calling-Will Thompson Softly the Night Is Sleeping-Edward Washburn Softly the Silent Night-Ambrose Blatchford Solace-Nellie Willis Soldiers Who to Christ Belong-French Breviary Soldiers of Christ, Arise-Charles Wesley Soldiers of Christ, March On-Alice Schoff Soldiers of Christ, in Truth Arrayed-Basil Manly Soldiers of King Jesus-Ada Blenkhorn Soldiers of the Cross, Arise!-William How Soldiers of the Cross, Arise!-Jared Waterbury Soldiers, Who Are Christ's Below-John Clark Some Blessed Day-Edna Jacques Some Day-Charles Tindley Some Day-Victor Staley Some Day-Lina Barton Some Day-Glenn Gould and A F I Some Day He'll Make It Plain-Lydia Leech Some Day, Somewhere-Irma Matthews Some Heart Has Gone This Way Before-Horatio Hardin Some Joyful Day-Thoro Harris Some Mother's Child-Leander Pickett Some One Is Hitting the Home Trail Tonight-Grace Dennstedt before Some One Who Knows-Carrie Breck Some Sweet Day-Isham Reynolds Some Sweet Day-Arthur French Some Sweet Day My Lord Will Come-J O Hillyer Some Sweet Day, By and By-Fanny Crosby Some Sweet Morn-Albert Simpson Some Sweet Morn-E P Marvin Somebody Came and Lifted Me-Fred Morris Somebody Cares-Fannie Stafford Somebody Did a Golden Deed-John Clements Somebody Else Needs a Blessing-Eliza Hewitt Somebody Knows-Alfred Ackley Somebody's Knocking at Your Door-Traditional spiritual Someone Is Looking to You-William Lighthall Someone Must Tell the Glad Story-William Poole Someone Shall Go-Sarah Stock Someone's Last Call-Edna Worrell Something to Be Done-Mary Chellis Something to Feast the Soul-Mrs C E Taylor Sometime We'll Understand-Maxwell Cornelius ca Sometime!-Robert Harkness Sometime(Hewitt)-Eliza Hewitt Sometimes a Light Surprises-William Cowper Somewhere Tonight-Robert Offord Son of God, Eternal Savior-Somerset Lowry Son of Man, to Thee I Cry-Richard Mant Son of Thy Sire's Eternal Love-Charles Wesley Son of the Carpenter, Receive-Charles Wesley Son of the Highest, Deign to Cast-Odo of Cluny Song of Life-Neil Barham Song of Salvation-Anonymous Song of the Shepherds-Judson Van DeVenter Songs Anew of Honor Framing-William Goode Songs in the Night-Nellie Montgomery Songs of Immortal Praise-Isaac Watts Songs of Joy and Peace-Mrs N Dixon Hahn Songs of Praise-Mrs S K Bourne Songs of Praise the Angels Sang-James Montgomery Songs of Thankfulness and Praise-Christopher Wordsworth Songs of the Kingdom-Marie Corley Sons of Labor, Dear to Jesus-Samuel Hole Soon May the Last Glad Song Arise-Mrs Vokes

There are also many other Christian pieces on this site which are included with other collections, e.g. the Children's Songs section contains quite a few.