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Rulers of Sodom! Hear the Voice-Scottish Translations and Paraphrases Run Not the Risk-Katharyn Bacon Sabbath Day-Joel Blomqvist Sabbath School Greeting-Maria Straub Sabbath School Hymn-Ira Hill Sacred Fountain-Fanny Crosby Safe Home, Safe Home in Port!-John Neale Safe Tonight-Thaddeus Reade Safe in Jehovah's Keeping-Robert Anderson Safe in the Arms of Jesus-Fanny Crosby Safe in the Glory Land-Fanny Crosby Safe in the Shepherd's Care-Eliza Hewitt Safe upon the Billowy Deep-Henry Coppee Safely Through Another Week-John Newton Safely, Safely, Gathered In-Henrietta Dobree Sail On(Gabriel)-Charles Gabriel Sail On(Hushower)-Ida Hushower Sailing into Port-Philip Bliss Saint of God, Elect and Precious-Unknown th Century Latin Saints in Glory, We Together-Nehemiah Adams Saints of God! Lo, Jesu's People-John Riley Saints of God! The Dawn Is Brightening-Mary Maxwell Salvation Is Forever Nigh-Isaac Watts Salvation for Africa-Alice Reynolds Salvation unto Us Has Come-Paul Speratus Salvation! O the Joyful Sound!-Isaac Watts Sanctifying Power-Lelia Morris Satisfied-Clara Williams Satisfied with Jesus-C L Eby Satisfied with Thee, Lord Jesus-Henry Bennett Saul's Journey to Damascus-John Buchanan Save Me at the Cross-Fanny Crosby Save Me, O God-The Psalter Save Me, O God, the Swelling Floods-Isaac Watts Save Me, O Lord, from Every Foe-Isaac Watts Saved Through Jesus' Blood-Judson Van DeVenter Saved by Grace-Fanny Crosby Saved by the Blood-S J Henderson Saved by the Blood-Fanny Crosby Saved from the Wreck-Eliza Hewitt Saved to Serve-John Morgan Saved to the Uttermost-William Kirkpatrick Saved!-Oswald Smith Saved!-Enoch Leizure Saved, Saved-Jack Scholfield Saving Grace-Julia Johnston Savior and Regenerator-John Cennick Savior of the Heathen, Known-Ambrose of Milan ca Savior of the Nations, Come-Martin Luther Savior! Hasten Thine Appearing-James Deck Savior! I Follow On-Charles Robinson Savior, Again to Thy Dear Name-John Ellerton Savior, Blessed Savior-Godfrey Thring Savior, Breathe an Evening Blessing-James Edmeston Savior, I Have Need of Thee-T S Perry Savior, I by Faith Am Touching-Bertha Fennell ca Savior, Lead Me-Mary Adams Savior, Let Thy Sanction Rest-Thomas Raffles Savior, Like a Shepherd Lead Us-Dorothy Thrupp Savior, Long Thy Saints Have Waited-Fanny Guiness Savior, More Than Life-Fanny Crosby Savior, Prince of Israel's Race-Charles Wesley Savior, Shine and Cheer My Soul-John Newton Savior, Sprinkle Many Nations-Arthur Coxe Savior, Teach Me Day by Day-Jane Leeson Savior, Thy Dying Love-Sylvanus Phelps Savior, Visit Thy Plantation-John Newton Savior, We Now Rejoice in Hope-Charles Wesley Savior, When Night Involves the Skies-Thomas Gisborne Savior, When in Dust to Thee-Robert Grant Savior, While My Heart Is Tender-John Burton Jr Savior, Who Didst Come to Give-Franklin Bartlett Savior, Who Didst Healing Give-Hardwicke Rawnsley Savior, Who Thy Flock Art Feeding-William Muhlenberg Savior, Who Thy Life Didst Give-Amelia Lockwood Savior, Whom Our Hearts Adore-Charles Wesley Savior, and Can It Be-Charles Wesley Savior, to Thee We Raise Our Hymn-William Foxell Savior, to Thy Mercy Seat-William Stevenson Saw You Never, in the Twilight-Cecil Alexander Say, Are You Ready-Aldine Kieffer Say, Sinner! Hath a Voice Within-Abigail Hyde Scatter Golden Grain-Robert Staples Scatter Seeds of Kindness-May Smith Scatter Sunshine-Lanta Smith Scattering Precious Seed-William Ogden Seal Us, O Holy Spirit-Isaac Meredith Sealed Was the Tomb-Flora Kirkland Search Light-Bertha Schweizer Search Me, O God-Edwin Orr Search Me, O God-Albert Simpson Search Me, O Lord-Fanny Crosby Searcher of Hearts, from Mine Erase-George Morris Secret Prayer-Charles Gabriel See Him in Raiment Rent-Edward Monro and Mrs M Dearmer See How Great a Flame Aspires-Charles Wesley See How He Loved-Sarah Bache See Israel's Gentle Shepherd Stand-Philip Doddridge See What a Living Stone-Isaac Watts See Where the Great Incarnate God-Isaac Watts

There are also many other Christian pieces on this site which are included with other collections, e.g. the Children's Songs section contains quite a few.