Hymn and Gospel Song lyrics: Titles Beginning OVE

8000+ Christian Hymn and Gospel Song lyrics with downloadable PDF for printing.

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Over and Over Again-Erle Greiner and Charles Gabriel Over in the Glory-Land-Charles Gabriel Over the Beautiful River-Fanny Crosby Over the Dead-Line-Virginia Moyer Over the Line-Ellen Bradford Over the Ocean Wave-Julia Haskell Over the Rolling Sea-Elisha Hoffmann Over the Top for Jesus-James Reid Over the Top with Jesus-Burton Bosworth Palestine Song-C W Ross Palm Sunday-Caroll Bates Palms of Glory-James Montgomery Paradise-Daniel Whittle Pardon on Calvary-Alfred Barratt Pardoning Grace-Alfred Ackley Part in Peace Is Day Before Us-Sarah Adams Pass Me Not, O Gentle Savior-Fanny Crosby Passing Away-J W P Fackler Paul and Silas-Philip Bliss Peace I Leave with You-Frances Abernathy Peace on Earth-Mrs D C Doane Peace to My Soul-Fanny Crosby Peace to Soothe Our Bitter Woes-Nikolai Grundtvig Peace, Doubting Heart!-Charles Wesley Peace, Perfect Peace-Edward Bickersteth Peace, Troubled Soul-Samuel Ecking th Century Peaceful the Wondrous Night-Eliza Hewitt Peacefully Round Us the Shadows Are Falling-Ambrose Blatchford Pentecost in My Soul-Thoro Harris Pentecostal Battle Song-John Boddy Pentecostal Power-Charles Gabriel People of the Living God-James Montgomery Perfect Peace-Fanny Crosby Perfect Peace-F D Sanford Pilgrim, Burdened with Thy Sin-George Crabbe Place Me on the Heavenly Side-Sallie Rather Pleasant Are Thy Courts Above-Henry Lyte Plunged in a Gulf of Dark Despair-Isaac Watts Poor Esau Repented Too Late-John Newton Pour Down Thy Spirit-William Romanis Pour Out Thy Spirit from on High-James Montgomery Pour Thy Blessings, Lord, Like Showers-Harriet Kimball Power for Service-Elisha Hoffmann Praise Be unto Our God-Susan Peterson Praise God for He Is Kind-From Psalm Praise God for His Word-George Webster Praise God for What He's Done for Me-Author unknown before Praise God the Lord, Ye Sons of Men-Nikolaus Hermann Praise God, Ye Servants of the Lord-The Psalter Praise God, from Whom All Blessings Flow-Thomas Ken Praise Him-James Rowe Praise Him, All Ye Little Children-Anonymous Praise Him, Praise Him-Fanny Crosby Praise His Name Forever-Mildred Hanes Praise His Name Forever-Charles Gabriel Praise Jehovah for His Love-From Psalm Praise Jehovah, All Ye Nations-Presbyterian Book of Psalms Praise Our Creator-Fanny Crosby Praise Our Savior!-W C Peckham Praise Thou the Lord, O My Soul-Johann Herrnschmidt Praise Waits for Thee in Zion-The Psalter Praise Waits in Sion, Lord, for Thee-Isaac Watts Praise Waits in Zion-The Psalter Praise We the Lord This Day-Anonymous Praise Ye Jehovah-Albert Reitz Praise Ye Jehovah-Alfred Taylor Praise Ye Jehovah!-Margaret Campbell Praise Ye the Lord-Fanny Crosby Praise Ye the Lord! Immortal Choir-George Rawson Praise Ye the Lord! On Every Height-Felicia Hemans Praise Ye the Lord, 'Tis Good to Raise-Isaac Watts Praise Ye the Lord, Exalt His Name-Isaac Watts Praise Ye the Lord, My Heart Shall Join-Isaac Watts Praise Ye the Lord, for He Is Good-The Psalter Praise Ye the Lord, for It Is Good-From Psalm Praise Ye the Triune God-Elizabeth Charles ca Praise Ye, Praise Ye the Lord-The Psalter Praise for Thee, Lord, in Zion Waits-Henry Lyte Praise the Giver of All-Fanny Crosby Praise the King of Heaven-William Ball Praise the Lamb-H D'Arcy Champney Praise the Lord Through Every Nation-James Montgomery Praise the Lord Who Reigns Above-Charles Wesley Praise the Lord Ye Heavens, Adore Him-Edward Osler Praise the Lord in Heavenly Places-From Psalm Praise the Lord of Heaven-Thomas Browne Praise the Lord, Each Tribe and Nation-Johann Franck Praise the Lord, God's Glories Show-Henry Lyte Praise the Lord, My Soul-Susan Peterson Praise the Lord, for He Is Good-The Psalter Praise the Name of Christ-Belle Heyl Praise the Name of Jesus-Helen Dungan Praise the Redeemer, Almighty to Save-William Groser Praise the Rock of Our Salvation-Fanny Crosby Praise the Savior, All Ye Nations-Benjamin Francis Praise the Savior, Now and Ever-Venantius Fortunatus Praise the Savior, Ye Who Know Him-Thomas Kelly Praise to God Who Reigns Above-Richard Benson Praise to God, Immortal Praise-Anna Barbauld Praise to God, Your Praises Bring-William Gannett

There are also many other Christian pieces on this site which are included with other collections, e.g. the Children's Songs section contains quite a few.