Hymn and Gospel Song lyrics: Titles Beginning OLO

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O Lord and Master of Us All-John G Whittier O Lord and Savior, We Recline-Mrs E Helyer O Lord of Glory! Who Couldst Leave-Edward Bevir O Lord of Heav'n and Earth and Sea-Christopher Wordsworth O Lord of Hosts, All Heaven Possessing-Edward Plumptre O Lord of Hosts, Almighty King-Oliver Wendell Holmes O Lord of Hosts, How Lovely-From Psalm O Lord of Hosts, Who Didst Upraise-Arthur Benson O Lord of Hosts, Whose Glory Fills-John Neale O Lord of Hosts, to Thee I Cry-From Psalm O Lord of Life-Washington Gladden O Lord of Life, Thy Kingdom Is at Hand-Marion Ham O Lord of Life, Thy Quickening Voice-George MacDonald O Lord of Life, Where'er They Be-Frederick Hosmer O Lord of Life, and Love, and Power-Ella Armitage O Lord! And Is Thy Table Spread-Philip Doddridge O Lord! How Happy Should We Be-Joseph Anstice O Lord, 'Tis Matter of High Praise-Benjamin Keach O Lord, All Glorious, Life of Life-Anonymous before O Lord, Almighty God-Bay Psalm Book O Lord, Around Thy Altar Now-Charles Derry O Lord, Be Thou My Helper True-The Psalter O Lord, Be with Us When We Sail-Edward Dayman O Lord, Give Ear When with My Voice-The Psalter O Lord, Give Ear unto My Voice-From Psalm O Lord, Give Heed unto Our Plea-Johann Utenhovius O Lord, How Are My Foes Increased-The Psalter O Lord, How Joyful 'Tis to See-Charles Coffin O Lord, How Manifold the Works-The Psalter O Lord, How Many Are My Foes-Isaac Watts O Lord, How Many They-From Psalm O Lord, How Shall I Meet You-Paul Gerhardt O Lord, I Will Delight in Thee-John Ryland O Lord, Life Is Sacred-Susan Peterson O Lord, Look Down from Heaven-Martin Luther O Lord, Make Haste to Hear My Cry-The Psalter O Lord, My Earnest Cry-The Psalter O Lord, My God, Most Earnestly-The Psalter O Lord, My God, My Joyful Heart-The Psalter O Lord, My God, for Thy Name's Sake-The Psalter O Lord, My Inmost Heart and Thought-The Psalter O Lord, Our Father, Shall We Be Confounded-Johann Heermann O Lord, Our Father, Thanks to Thee-Cyriacus Schneegass O Lord, Our Fathers Oft Have Told-Tate and Brady O Lord, Our God, Almighty King-Lovie Stratton O Lord, Our God, Thy Mighty Hand-Henry van Dyke O Lord, Our God, in Adoration-Michael Cullinan O Lord, Our Heav'nly King-Isaac Watts O Lord, Our Lord-The Psalter O Lord, Our Lord, How Wondrous Great-Isaac Watts O Lord, Our Strength in Weakness-Christopher Wordsworth O Lord, Regard Me When I Cry-From Psalm O Lord, Thou Art My God and King-The Psalter O Lord, Thou Art My God and King-Scottish Psalter O Lord, Thou Hast Ascended-The Psalter O Lord, Thou Judge-The Psalter O Lord, Thy All Discerning Eyes-John Adams O Lord, Thy Perfect Righteousness-The Psalter O Lord, Thy Work Revive-Phoebe Brown O Lord, Turn Not Thy Face from Me-John Marckant O Lord, We Praise Thee-Martin Luther O Lord, While We Confess the Worth-Mary Peters O Lord, Who in Thy Love Divine-Christopher Wordsworth O Lord, Within My Soul-Elisha Hoffman O Lord, by Thee Delivered-The Psalter O Lord, the Holy Innocents-Cecil Alexander O Lord, to Thee I Cry-The Psalter O Lord, to Us Thy Mercy Show-The Psalter O Lord, to Whom the Spirits Live-Richard Littledale O Lord, with Toil Our Days Are Filled-Arthur Ainger ca O Love Divine and Golden-John Monsell O Love Divine, How Sweet Thou Art-Charles Wesley O Love Divine, That Stooped to Share-Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr O Love Divine, What Hast Thou Done-Charles Wesley O Love That Casts Out Fear-Horatius Bonar O Love That Wilt Not Let Me Go-George Matheson O Love of Christ-Eben Rexford O Love of God Most Full-Oscar Clute O Love of God, How Strong and True-Horatius Bonar O Love! O Life!-John Whittier O Love, How Deep-15th Century Latin O Love, Who Formedst Me to Wear-Johann Scheffler O Lovely Voices of the Sky-Felicia Hemans O Lowly, Sacred Stable-Brian Roberts before O Magnify the Lord with Me-Calvin Laufer O Magnify the Lord with Me-Lelia Morris O Make a Joyful Noise-The Psalter O Maker of the Mighty Deep-Henry van Dyke O Maker of the Sea and Sky-Henry Burton O Master Workman of the Race-Jay Stocking O Master of the Waking World-Frank North O Master, It Is Good to Be-Arthur Stanley O Master, Let Me Walk with Thee-Washington Gladden O Master, When Thou Callest-Sarah Stock O Mean May Seem This House of Clay-Thomas Gill O Merciful Creator, Hear-Gregory I O Mercy Divine, O Couldst Thou Incline-Charles Wesley O Mighty God-Carl Boberg O Mighty Man, Why Wilt Thou Boast-From Psalm O Mind of God-Oliver Huckel

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