Hymn and Gospel Song lyrics: Titles Beginning OHE

8000+ Christian Hymn and Gospel Song lyrics with downloadable PDF for printing.

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O Hear Them Marching, Marching-Marion Ham O Hear the Savior's Voice-Adelaide Webb O Heavenly Fount of Light and Love-William How O Heavenly Jerusalem-Paris Breviary O Heavenly King, Look Down from Above-The Wesleys O Heavenly Word-Unknown author O Heavy Burdened, Weary One-Richard Adams O Help Us Lord, Each Hour of Need-Henry Milman O Holy Bible-Grant Tullar O Holy City, Seen of John-Walter Bowie O Holy Father, Who in Tender Love-Edward Bickersteth O Holy Ghost, Thy People Bless-Henry Baker O Holy Lord, Content to Fill-William How O Holy Lord, Our God-J Young O Holy Night-Placide Cappeau O Holy Savior, Friend Unseen-Charlotte Elliott O Holy Spirit, Enter In-Michael Schirmer O Holy Spirit, Grant Us Grace-Bartholomus Ringwaldt O Holy Spirit, Lord of Grace-Charles Coffin O Holy, Holy, Holy Lord(Conder)-Josiah Conder O Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord(Eastburn)-James Eastburn O Hope of Every Contrite Heart-Bernard of Clairvaux O House of Many Mansions-Norman Gunnison O How Blest to Be a Pilgrim-Robert Lowry O How Can They Look Up to Heaven-18th Century. O How Happy Are They Who the Savior Obey-Charles Wesley O How I Love Jesus-Frederick Whitfield O How I Love Thy Holy Law-Isaac Watts O How I Love Thy Holy Word-William Cowper O How Kindly Hast Thou Led Me-Thomas Grinfield O How Shall I Keep My Christmas-John Westall O How the Thought of God Attracts-Frederick Faber O I Want to See Him-Rufus Cornelius O Jehovah, Hear My Words-The Psalter O Jerusalem the Blissful-From the Latin O Jesu Christ, All Praise to Thee-Martin Luther O Jesu Christ, from Thee Began-th Century Latin O Jesu Christ, if Aught There Be-Edward Caswall O Jesu, Blessed Lord, to Thee-Thomas Kingo O Jesu, Crucified for Man-William How O Jesu, Thou the Beauty Art-Bernard of Clairvaux O Jesus Christ, Grow Thou in Me-Johann Lavater O Jesus Christ, Our Lord Most Dear-Heinrich von Laufenburg O Jesus Christ, Thy Manger Is-Paul Gerhardt O Jesus, Crowned with All Renown-Edward Benson O Jesus, Friend Unfailing-Samuel Kuster O Jesus, I Have Promised-John Bode O Jesus, Jesus-Frederick Faber O Jesus, King Most Wonderful-Bernard of Clairvaux O Jesus, King of Glory-Martin Behm O Jesus, Lamb of God, Thou Art-Bartholomus Helder O Jesus, Lord Most Merciful-James Hamilton O Jesus, Lord and Savior-Jonathan Bayley O Jesus, Lord of Heavenly Grace-Ambrose of Milan O Jesus, Master, When Today-Charles Newhall O Jesus, My Hope-Charles Wesley O Jesus, Once a Nazareth Boy-Harry Hedge O Jesus, Our King-Charles Wesley O Jesus, Prince of Life and Truth-Anonymous O Jesus, Savior of the Lost-Edward Bickersteth O Jesus, Thou Art Standing-William How O Jesus, We Adore Thee-Arthur Russell O Jesus, When I Think of Thee-George Bethune O Jesus, Youth of Nazareth-Ferdinand Blanchard O Joy of Earth!-John Anketell O Joyful Sound of Gospel Grace!-Charles Wesley O Joyful Sound!-Thomas Kelly O Joyous Easter Morning-Anonymous O Kind Creator, Bow Thine Ear-Gregory I O King Enthroned on High-th Century Greek O King Most High of Earth and Sky-th Century Latin O King of Glory-Henry Fox O King of Glory! David's Son!-Martin Behm O King of Kings, Before Whose Throne-John Quarles O King of Kings, O Lord of Hosts-Henry Burton O Lamb of God Most Holy-Nikolaus Decius O Lamb of God! That Tak'st Away-Alessie Faussett O Lamb of God, Still Keep Me-James Deck O Lamb of God, Whose Love Divine-Vincent Coles O Lead My Blindness by the Hand-William Gladstone O Let Him Whose Sorrow-Heinrich Oswald O Let Me Tell It Once Again-Kate Burr O Let Me Walk with Thee-Lillian AveryStuttle O Let My Supplicating Cry-The Psalter O Let the Heart Beat High with Bliss-From the th Century Latin O Life That Makest All Things New-Samuel Longfellow O Life in Whom Is Life Indeed-Jessie Pounds O Life, We Learn of Thee-Nellie Eaton O Light That Knew No Dawn-Gregory of Nazianzus O Light of Life-Francis Palgrave O Light of Light, By Love Inclined-From the Latin O Light, Whose Beams Illumine All-Edward Plumptre O Light, from Age to Age the Same-Frederick Hosmer O Little Town of Bethlehem-Phillips Brooks O Living Bread from Heaven-Johann Rist O Lord Jesus, Lamb of God-Michael Cullinan O Lord Most High-The Psalter O Lord Most High, Eternal King-th Century Latin O Lord My God! How Great Art Thou!-John Adams O Lord Our God, Arise!-Ralph Wardlaw

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