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My Savior-Charles M Fillmore My Savior Face to Face-W C Agar My Savior First of All-Fanny Crosby My Savior Is Precious to Me-Jacob MacGill My Savior Knows-Fanny Crosby My Savior Sinners Doth Receive-Leopold Lehr ca My Savior and My King-Isaac Watts My Savior and My Lord-Alexandre Vinet My Savior! I Behold Thy Life-Samuel Stone My Savior, 'Mid Life's Varied Scene-Elizabeth Godwin My Savior, 'Tis of Thee-Martin Knapp My Savior, My Almighty Friend-Isaac Watts My Savior, on the Word of Truth-Anna Waring My Sheep Know My Voice-Herbert Buffum My Shepherd Fills My Every Need-Neil Barham My Shepherd Is the Lamb-John Beaumont My Shepherd Is the Living Lord-Isaac Watts My Shepherd Is the Lord-Noble Beall My Shepherd Is the Lord My God-From Psalm My Shepherd Is the Lord Who Knows-The Psalter My Shepherd Leads-Mary Leonard My Shepherd Will Supply My Need-Isaac Watts My Ship Is Coming In-Harriet Banning My Sins Have Taken Such a Hold on Me-John Monsell, My Sins Laid Open to the Rod-James Gray My Sins and Faults of Youth-The Psalter My Sins, My Sins, My Savior-John Monsell My Son, Know Thou the Lord-Robert Brackenbury My Song Forever Shall Record-The Psalter My Song Is Love Unknown-Samuel Crossman My Song Shall Be of Jesus-Fanny Crosby My Song Shall Bless the Lord of All-William Cowper My Song in the Night-Frederick Graves My Soul Before Thee Prostrate Lies-Christian Richter My Soul Complete in Jesus Stands-Grace Hinsdale My Soul Is Filled with Glory-John Harris My Soul Is Grieved-The Psalter My Soul Is Sad and Much Dismayed-William Cowper My Soul Lies Cleaving to the Dust-Isaac Watts My Soul Once Had Its Plenteous Years-John Newton My Soul Shall Be Satisfied-Addie Pannell My Soul Shouts Glory-Fanny Crosby My Soul Will Overcome-Robert Lowry My Soul for Thy Salvation Faints-The Psalter My Soul in Silence Waits for God-The Psalter My Soul with Expectation-Scottish Psalter My Soul's Best Friend, What Joy and Blessing-Wolfgang Dessler My Soul, Be on Thy Guard-George Heath My Soul, Bless the Lord!-The Psalter My Soul, How Lovely Is the Place-Isaac Watts My Soul, Inspired with Sacred Love-Charles Wesley My Soul, Now Praise Thy Maker-Johann Graumann My Soul, Repeat His Praise-Isaac Watts My Soul, There Is a Country-Henry Vaughan My Soul, Thy Great Creator Praise-Isaac Watts My Span of Life Will Soon Be Done-Maria Cowper My Spirit Longs for Thee-John Byrom My Spirit Looks to God Alone-Isaac Watts My Spirit Sinks Within Me, Lord-Isaac Watts My Spirit on Thy Care-Henry Lyte My Steadfast Heart, O God-From Psalm My Times Are in Thy Hand-William Lloyd My Times of Sorrow and of Joy-Benjamin Beddome My Trust Is in My Heavenly Friend-Isaac Watts My Trust Is in the Lord-From Psalm My Wonderful Friend-Haldor Lillenas Mysterious Presence, Source of All-Seth Beach Nailed to the Cross-Carrie Breck Name of Jesus, Softly Stealing-Author unknown Nations That Long in Darkness Walked-John Barnard Nature with Open Volume Stands-Isaac Watts Near the Cross-Fanny Crosby Near the Cross Was Mary Weeping-Jacopone da Todi th Century Near the Cross, Her Vigil Keeping-From the Latin Near to the Heart of God-Cleland McAfee Nearer Home-Alice Cary Nearer the Cross-Fanny Crosby Nearer, My God, to Thee-Sarah Adams Nearer, Still Nearer-Lelia Morris Nearing the Homeland-Lola Seelye Neither Do I Condemn Thee-Daniel Whittle Neither Height, Nor Depth, Nor Breadth-Helen Armacost Never Alone-Ludie Pickett Never Alone-V A White Never Be Afraid-Fanny Crosby Never Forget-Mrs L H Washington Never Further Than Thy Cross-Elizabeth Charles Never Give Up-Fanny Crosby Never Grow Old-James Moore ca Never Lose the Golden Rule-Fanny Crosby Never Mind, Go On!-Richard Slater Never Say Goodbye-Fanny Crosby Never Say No, When the Master Calls-Henry Frisbie Never Shone a Light So Fair!-Fanny Crosby Never Will I Cease to Love Him-Fanny Crosby New Doxology-D W Griffin New Every Morning Is the Love-John Keble New Wonders of Thy Mighty Hand-Charles Coffin New Year's Hymn-Harry Sanders Night Has Closed the Gates-James Baden Powell

There are also many other Christian pieces on this site which are included with other collections, e.g. the Children's Songs section contains quite a few.