Hymn and Gospel Song lyrics: Titles Beginning HAV

8000+ Christian Hymn and Gospel Song lyrics with downloadable PDF for printing.

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Have You Not a Word for Jesus-Frances Havergal Have You Prayed It Through-William Poole Have You Room for the King-Maude Hart Have You Sought-Fanny Crosby Have You on the Lord Believed-Philip Bliss He Abides-Herbert Buffum He Arose Today-Lizzie DeArmond He Became Incarnate-Indian He Brought Me Out-Henry Zelley He Came to Save Me-Fanny Crosby He Cares for Me-Clark Perry He Careth for Me-Virgil Brock He Changes Not-Kathleen Wheeler He Comes! He Comes! the Judge Severe!-Charles Wesley He Cometh!-William Pettengell He Cometh, Father, as He Came of Old-William Jewitt th Century He Did Not Die in Vain-Carrie Breck He Died for Thee-Melville Miller He Expecteth-Alice Janvrin He Feedeth His Flock-Fanny Crosby He Gave His Life for Thee-Fanny Crosby He Gives the Power-Roger Hickman He Giveth His Beloved Sleep-J C Tildesley He Giveth More Grace-Annie Flint He Has Come!-Millie Lawhead He Has Come, the Christ of God-Horatius Bonar He Has Given Us His Promises-Susan Peterson He Has Promised-Fanny Crosby He Hideth My Soul-Fanny Crosby He Included Me-Johnson Oatman Jr He Is Able to Deliver Thee-William Ogden He Is All in All to Me-Fanny Crosby He Is Arisen! Glorious Word!-Birgitte Boye He Is Born-Traditional French carol He Is Caring for Me-Harriet Pierson He Is Coming-Haldor Lillenas He Is Coming-Fanny Crosby He Is Coming Again-Mabel Camp He Is Coming, He Is Coming-Cecil Alexander He Is Gone, a Cloud of Light-Arthur Stanley He Is Knocking-Eliza Hewitt He Is Mine-Austin Miles He Is Near-Horatius Bonar He Is Not Far Away-R A Chase He Is Not Here, But Is Risen!-Daniel Whittle He Is Risen-Lucinda Bateman He Is Risen-Laura Newell He Is Risen-Eden Latta He Is Risen-Cecil Alexander He Is Risen!-Eric Schumacher He Is So Precious to Me-Charles Gabriel He Is Speaking to You-Lumir Ringsmuth He Is Waiting for Your Answer-Charles Barrett He Is with Thee-Frances Havergal He Just Put Himself in My Place-Homer Hammontree He Keeps Me Singing-Luther Bridgers He Knocks Today-Mrs E M Meader He Knows-Mary Brainard He Knows It All-Ophelia Adams He Leadeth Me-Helen Arnold He Leadeth Me-Joseph Gilmore He Leads Us On-Hiram Wiley He Lives-Eleanor Schroll He Lives Again-M A Smith He Lives Again-George Burns He Lives and Reigns-James Elderdice He Lives on High-Baylus McKinney ca He Lives! The Great Redeemer Lives!-Anne Steele He Liveth Long Who Liveth Well-Horatius Bonar He Loves Me-Rene Brower He Never Said a Mumbalin' Word-AfricanAmerican spiritual He Prayeth Best Who Lovest Best-Samuel Coleridge He Promised to Keep Me-William Poole He Redeemed Me-George Marquart He Reigns!-Isaac Watts He Rolls the Stone Away-Will Ruebush He Rose from the Dead-Arranged by George King He Rose! O Morn of Wonder!-Theron Brown He Sang in the Old Church Choir-Dick Bruun He Sat to Watch o'er Customs Paid-William Bright He Saves Me-George Stuart He Saves Me Through and Through-Fanny Crosby He Set Me Free-Haldor Lillenas He Set the Joy-Bells Ringing-Eliza Hewitt He Set the Task for Me-Jessie Pounds He Shall Be Called-Ralph Merrifield He Shall Reign o'er All the Earth-Sarah Stock He Shields from the Storms of Life-E C MacCartney He Stood in the Midst-Anonymous He Supplieth All of My Need-Thomas Chisholm He That Believes and Is Baptized-Thomas Kingo He That Believeth-Philip Bliss He That Goeth Forth with Weeping-Thomas Hastings He That Hath Made His Refuge God-Isaac Watts He Took My Feet from the Miry Clay-Traditional spiritual He Took My Sins Away-Margaret Harris He Touched Me and Made Me Whole-Thomas Sullivan He Wants Not Friends That Hath Thy Love-Richard Baxter He Wants a Poor Sinner Like Me-Maud Frazer He Was Nailed to the Cross for Me-Frederick Graves

There are also many other Christian pieces on this site which are included with other collections, e.g. the Children's Songs section contains quite a few.