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Adventist Hymns - 690+ Christian lyrics with midi & MP3, music, PowerPoints(PPT) and PDF versions.

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591 In Our Work And In Our Play 592 Watchman, Tell Us Of The Night 593 In Times Like These 594 Heir Of The Kingdom 595 Let Every Lamp Be Burning 596 Look For The Waymarks 597 Ye Servants Of The Lord 598 Watch, Ye Saints 599 Rejoice, Rejoice, Believers 600 Hold Fast Till I Come 601 Watchmen, On The Walls Of Zion 602 O Brother, Be Faithful 603 Christian, Seek Not Repose 604 We Know Not The Hour 605 My Soul, Be On Thy Guard 606 Once To Every Man And Nation 607 God Of Grace And God Of Glory 608 Faith Is The Victory 609 Am I A Soldier Of The Cross 610 Stand Like The Brave 611 Awake, My Soul! 612 Onward, Christian Soldiers! 613 Fight The Good Fight 614 Sound The Battle Cry 615 Rise Up, O Church Of God 616 Soldiers Of Christ, Arise 617 We Are Living, We Are Dwelling 618 Stand Up! Stand Up For Jesus! 619 Lead On, O King Eternal 620 On Jordan's Stormy Banks 621 Gracious Father, Guard Thy Children 622 Come, Come, Ye Saints 623 I Will Follow Thee 624 I Want Jesus To Walk With Me 625 Higher Ground 626 In A Little While We're Going Home 627 Jacob's Ladder 628 As Jacob With Travel Was Weary 629 O Happy Band Of Pilgrims 630 Rise, My Soul, And Stretch Thy Wings 631 When On Life A Darkness Falls 632 Until Then 633 When We All Get To Heaven 634 Come, All Christians, Be Committed 635 Lord Of All Good 636 God, Whose Giving Knows No Ending 637 Son Of God, Eternal Savior 638 The Wise May Bring Their Learning 639 A Diligent And Grateful Heart 640 For Beauty Of Meadows 641 God In His Love For Us 642 We Praise Thee With Our Minds 643 Father, Who On Us Do Shower 644 O God, Whose Will Is Life And Good 645 God Of Our Fathers 646 To The Name That Brings Salvation 647 Mine Eyes Have Seen The Glory 648 I Vow To Thee, My Country 649 Lord, While For All Mankind We Pray 650 Our Father, By Whose Name 651 Happy The Home That Welcomes You 652 Love At Home 653 Lead Them, My God, To Thee 654 Lord, Bless Our Homes 655 Happy The Home 656 O Perfect Love 657 O God, From Whom Mankind 658 Heavenly Father, Hear Our Prayer 659 May The Grace Of Christ Our Savior 660 Glory Be To The Father 661 Holy, Holy, Holy 662 Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence 663 Amens 664 Sevenfold Amen 665 All Things Come Of Thee 666 Cast Thy Burden Upon The Lord 667 Lord, Bless Thy Word To Every Heart 668 O Thou Who Hearest 669 The Lord Bless You And Keep You 670 We Give Thee But Thine Own 671 Now, Dear Lord, As We Pray 672 Spirit Of The Living God 673 May God Be With You 674 Shalom 675 May The Lord Bless And Keep You 676 Thy Word Is A Lantern 677 Heavenly Father, To Thee We Pray 678 God Be In My Head 679 God Be In My Head 680 Holy Spirit, Hear Us 681 This Is The Day The Lord Hath Made 682 As You Have Promised, Lord 683 Jesus, Stand Among Us 684 Hear Our Prayer, O Lord 685 Cause Me To Hear 686 Bless Thou The Gifts 687 The Lord Is In His Holy Temple 688 Surely, Surely 689 Day By Day, Dear Lord 690 Dismiss Us, Lord With Blessing 691 Lead Me, Lord 692 The Lord Is In His Holy Temple 693 Almighty Father 694 Praise God, From Whom All Blessings 695 Praise God, From Whom All Blessings

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