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O Lord, our strength in weakness

O Lord, our strength in weakness,
we pray to thee for grace,
for power to fight the battle,
for speed to run the race;
when thy baptismal waters
were poured upon our brow,
we then were made thy children,
and pledges our earliest vow.

Christ with his own blood bought us,
and made the purchase sure;
his are we; may he keep us
sober and chaste and pure.
He, God in Man, has carried
our nature up to heaven;
and thence the Holy Spirit
to dwell in us has given.

The pure in heart are bless├Ęd,
for they shall see the Lord,
for ever and for ever
by seraphim adored;
and they shall drink the pleasures,
such as no tongue can tell,
from the clear, crystal river,
and life's eternal well.

Sing therefore to the Father,
who sent the Son in love;
and sing to God the Savior,
who leads to realms above;
sing we with saints and angels,
before the heavenly throne,
to God the Holy Spirit;
sing to the Three in One.

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