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Glory to the First-begotten

1. Glory to the First-begotten,
Risen Christ, Incarnate Word!
Glory to the Faithful Witness,
over all dominion Lord,
Who hath loved us, Who hath wash’d us
In His precious blood outpour’d!

2. Glory unto Him Who gave us
Heritage of priest and king!
That for ever in His presence
We our Eucharist may sing,
All our crowns cast down before Him,
To His shrine our incense bring.

3. Glory to the Lord Almighty!
Every foe beneath him cast,
High he reigns to splendour seated,
He the First and He the Last,
He both Alpha and Omega,
Lord of future, present, past.

4. Glory unto Him Who holdeth
Mystic stars in His right hand!
Glory unto Him who walketh
‘Midst the lamps that gleaming stand!
Every Church and every pastor
Subject to His dread command.

5. Thou Who knowest how we labour’d,
Fainting not when foemen strove,
Raise once more our fallen courage,
Stir again our early love:
Quench not all the light within us,
Nor our candlestick remove.

6. From all subtle evil guard us,
False apostles, deeds of ill;
Grant us every lie to conquer,
Every hateful lust to kill:
By the Tree of Life sustain us,
And our hungry spirits fill.

7. If, whatever Satan dwelleth,
We confess Thee as our Lord,
Bid us fear not Satan’s malice,
Tribulation, fire, or sword.
Crown Thy faithful patient servants
With the martyr’s bright reward.

8. Be Thy Holy Spirit cleanse us,
Pure in heart Thy law to own;
Grant to us the hidden manna,
Grant to us the fair white stone,
And the new name newly written,
Only to Thy servants known.

9. Thou hast once for our salvation
On the raging Dragons trod;
Keep on steadfast, faithful, loving,
Smite our foes with iron rod,
Scatter all the depths of Satan,
Bright and Morning Star of God.

10. Save us from the name of living
While the soul within is dead;
Wash our garments from defilement
In the Blood that Thou hast shed;
Then confess us in Thy glory
Members worthy of their head.

11. Thou Who hast the key of David,
Set for us an open door,
Refuge in the Great Temptation
When the testing tempests roar;
Plant us in Thy Father’s temple,
Pillars firm for evermore.

12. We are wretched, cold, and naked,
Needing all things, poor and blind;
Thou has raiment, riches, healing,
Meet for body, soul, and mind.
Humbled, shamefast we approach Thee,
All our store in Thee to find.

13. Come, in love rebuke and chasten,
At our hearts’ door come and stand;
Knock once more, and bid us open,
Knock with Thine own piercèd hand.
We will hear Thee, we will open,
Sup with Thee at Thy command.

14. Grant to us that overcoming
By a virtue not our own,
We may with Thee in Thy glory
Be Thy crownèd brothers shown,
Even as Thou, overcoming,
Sittest on Thy Father’s throne.

15. Glory unto Him that reigneth
On th’ eternal throne on high!
Glory to the Lamb that suffer’d,
Living now no more to die!
Glory to the Blessèd Spirit,
One with Both eternally!

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