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Come, sing, ye choirs exultant

Come sing, ye choirs exultant,
those messengers of God,
through whom the living Gospels
came sounding all abroad!
Whose voice proclaimed salvation
that poured upon the night,
and drove away the shadows,
and flushed the world with light.

He chose them, our Good Shepherd,
and, tending evermore
his flock through earth's four quarters,
in wisdom made them four;
true Lawgiver, he bade them
their healing message spread,
one charter for all nations,
one glorious title deed.

In one harmonious witness
the chosen four combine,
while each his own commission
fulfills in every line;
as, in the prophet's vision
from out the amber flame
in mystic form and image
four living creatures came.

Lo, these the wing├Ęd chariots
that bring Emmanuel nigh;
the golden staves uplifting
the ark of God on high;
and these the fourfold river
of Paradise above,
whence flow for all the nations
new mysteries of love.

Fourquare on this foundation
the Church of Christ remains,
a house to stand unshaken
by floods or winds or rains.
O glorious happy portion
in this safe home to be
by God, true Man, united
with God eternally!

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