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Bulwark of a mighty nation

Bulwark of a mighty nation,
see the Church of England stand,
founded on the Rock of ages,
hope, and glory of our land.
See her stand, a holy temple,
bonded with the bond of love,
living bond that ever bindeth
human souls to God above.

See her plead for all her children
kneeling at their Savior’s throne,
sign the cross upon their foreheads,
mark, and seal them for his own.
See her, witness of the Spirit,
bid them search the book that sheds
rays of light upon the living,
hope upon their dying beds

See her, as a loving mother,
guard them with a mother’s love,
ever pointing with her finger
to their Father's home above.
Hers the voice that cheers them forward,
fainting o’er the world-worn track,
Hers when from the path they wander,
first to call the wanderer back.

Nursing-mother of our freedom,
sowing truth from door to door,
watching o’er the young and aged,
Church alike of rich and poor,
shield her, Lord, from every evil,
strife within, and foes without,
give her strength to wage the warfare
faith must ever wage with doubt.

May thy heavenly grace be with her,
guide, support her by the way,
as she leads her children homeward
through the mists that cloud the day;
till the living sea of crystal
bursts upon their wondering sight,
and the songs of thronging angels
greet them in the realms of light.


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