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Blessed Lord, whose tender care

Blessed Lord, whose tender care
beautifes this world of ours,
so that round us everywhere
bloom the bright and fragrant flowers;
to thy holy Name we raise
heartfelt praise.

Thou, whose gifts are ever new,
sendest gracious rain and dew:
so on each of us, dear Lord,
let thy Spirit be outpoured;
thus shall we bear fruit to thee,

As on opening bud and flower,
streams the glad reviving ray;
so, Lord, shine with genial power
on us, in us, every day:
cheer each downcast heart and face
with thy grace.

Oh, for wisdom so to read
precious truths from flower and weed--
so to study nature's lore--
Father, as to trust thee more!
E'en the lilies frail and fair
need thy care.

By the grace of Christ forgiven,
consecrated unto thee,
train us day by day for heaven,
as thou trainest herb and tree,
till we reach the blest abode
of our God.

These bright flowers, which thou hast made,
in thy house our hands have laid;
may the sick, the sad, the lone,
when they see them, meekly own--
God can all our ills remove;
"God is Love!"

William Addington Bathurst (1839-1922)

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