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Awake, awake, O Christian

Awake! awake! O Christian,
the long dark night is past,
the Daystar is arising,
the dawn is near at last;
the lands so long enshrouded
in darkness deep and drear
are longing that the tidings
of God's love they may hear.

A cry comes o'er the mountains
and floats upon the breeze,
from tropic shores and islands,
and from the Arctic seas.
'Neath gleaming constellations,
the pole star in the north,
from Yukon's ice-bound borders,
the yearning cry comes forth.

From sea-girt Australasia,
where in the starry sky
the Southern Cross burns brightly,
again there comes the cry.
In valleys fair and smiling,
where Christian ne'er hath trod,
the weary hearts are sighing
for thee--the unknown God.

Where o'er the slopes of Persia
the fiery crescent gleams,
from distant dark Uganda,
and Niger's deadly streams,
from China's unloved daughters,
from flower-crowned Japan,
the cry is heard, "O tell us,
God's wondrous love to man."

From lips of suffering sisters,
'neath India's glowing sun,
from earth's dark, cruel places,
from many a weary one,
the cry is "Come and help us,
who grope as in the night,
our eyes are blind and sightless,
O show us the true light."

"O hear our cry, good Christian,
and in our sore distress
reveal to us the Savior,
who longs to love and bless;
and then with hearts uplifted,
and grateful voice we'll raise,
to Father, Son, and Spirit,
our joyful song of praise."

Katharine S. Mills, 1899

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