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Held as in the accompanying photograph, it is possible to " shave" the wood as desired. Be sure to keep the scraper sharp at all times otherwise it will "tear" the wood.
fitted to the back of the guitar) must be shaped at each end to a slight curve about 3/16" from the straight (see Fig. 13) and great care should be taken to ensure that each strut has a similar curve. The grain of the struts should be from top to bottom as shown in the diagram.
These cross struts are fitted to the back thus:
One at a distance of 5" from the bottom curve of the guitar; one at a distance of 41/2" from the top curve; and the final one 91/2" from the bottom curve�if three cross struts are being fitted. If four cross struts are being fitted, the top and bottom struts are each placed 1" nearer to the top and bottom curves of the guitar. One of the remaining struts is fitted 31/2" from the top strut and the remaining strut 31/2" from the bottom strut.
Glueing these struts into position is best done by using a flat strip of wood about 3/16" thick by about 2" wide, placed under the back of die guitar opposite where the strut is being glued. The strip of wood should be planed perfectly smooth and be of even thickness throughout its length so that it bends evenly.
Using this method it is possible to fix the strut in position by using a small G cramp at each end (see Fig. 14). When the cramps are tightened the back of the guitar will bend to conform to the curves of the strut.
The outline of the back can be marked on the prepared wood by removing the sides from the mould and using the latter as a template. When doing this, be sure that the centre join in the back corresponds with the centres of the top and bottom blocks, and that the grain of the wood runs towards the bottom of the instrument. (See Fig. 12.)
Having correctly marked out the outline of the back, saw off the surplus wood to about a 1/4" margin all round the outside of the line.
You now require three or four cross struts for the back, each about 5/8" deep and about 3/8" thick. These should be of the straightest-grained spruce or pine.
The face of the struts (i.e. the surface
Fig. 13.�The cross struts for the bade. The slight curve at each end is about ft" from the straight.
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