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Complete plans & Instruction on how make your own Spanish Guitar.

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N EVER before in the history of the Spanish guitar�and the instrument possesses a history that dates back to the early fifteenth century*�has the instrument been as popular as it is today. Literally thousands of people, from all walks of life, have taken up the Spanish guitar during the past few years and hundreds of wood-working enthusiasts have attempted (and continue to attempt) to "make a guitar." Making a guitar is even a part of the curriculum in many Secondary schools!
Although there have been dozens of books published (over the years) on how to make violins, never, to my knowledge, has a book hitherto been published giving complete and detailed instructions on how to make a guitar.
This book has been compiled to remedy this omission and it is hoped it will be found of help to the many enthusiasts who wish to make a guitar and who, I am sure, look for�ward to the satisfaction of playing on an instrument made by their own hands.
It should be stressed that although making a guitar, by following the instructions given in this book, is an easy (comparatively speaking) task to a man used to wood�working, to produce an instrument com�parable to the finest guitars extant�and here it might be mentioned that instruments of the kind played by such world-famous artists as Andres Segovia are valued at any�thing up to �1,000�is far from easy. Apart from the expert selection of the various woods used in its manufacture, the making of a really outstanding guitar (outstanding in craftsmanship and tonal qualities) is generally due to the luthier's experience gained, in most cases, over many years of practical application in constructing count�less instruments.
Nevertheless, the amateur guitar maker� even if he does not produce another " Stradi-varius "�will derive a lot of pleasure and much satisfaction over the weeks (and months) he devotes to making his master�piece take shape. If he is already a guitarist, the satisfaction from playing a guitar made by his own hands is immeasurable.
If the amateur guitar maker is not already a guitarist, the production of a guitar will, it is hoped, inspire him to become one.
I am only too well aware that, in many cases there are several modus operandi in the various stages of guitar construction� different luthiers preferring their own proved methods�but in this book I have been guided by master luthier Marco Roccia who has made (and continues to make) some of the finest guitars ever produced in England during the present century.
The would-be guitar maker is advised to read through the following pages carefully before he starts to make his first guitar� not only to become aware of the tools and materials he will require, but to be com�pletely conversant with all the work involved and the various stages of its application.
The work necessary to make a guitar may appear, at first sight, to be formidable�but many hundreds of amateur woodworkers have made guitars, so it is not impossible for the real enthusiast to do likewise.
" Make haste slowly " is a good maxim to heed and by carefully following the instruc�tions in this book you too can " Make Your Own Spanish Guitar."
London, 1957.
If; you are interested in the history of the Spanish Guitar you would find me book " The Story of the Spanish Guitar" by A. P. Sharpe (Clifford Essex, 15/-) of interest. It gives a complete history of the instrument with biographies of its famous composers, personalities and pllayers and , in addition, contains a special art supplement of full-page photographs of old and new guitars (front and back view) with details of construction and ail relevant measurements.                                 
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