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written and performed by Kris Kristofferson. The way i think he plays at the guitar: G C/G E --3---------------------------3---------------------------3---------- A ----------------2---------------------------3------------------------ D ------0-----0-------0-----0-------0-----0-------2-----2-------2-----2 ... G ---------0-------------0-------------0-------------0-------------0--- B ---------0-------------0-------------0-------------1-------------1--- e --------------------------------------------------------------------- Verse 1: G C/G Why me Lord? What have I ever done? G To deserve even one D Of the pleasures I've known G C/G Tell me Lord, what did I ever do G That was worth loving you D G Or the kindness you've shown Chorus: C/G G D G Lord help me Jesus, I've wasted it so, help me Jesus, I know what I am C/G G D G Now that I know, that I needed you so, help me Jesus,my soul's in your hands Verse 2: G C/G Try me Lord. If you think there's a way G I can try to repay D All I've taken from you G C/G Maybe Lord, I can show someone else G What I've been through myself D G On my way back to you Chorus (2 times). And: D/ G Jesus, my soul's in your hands.
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