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From: Nelman, Carl R

Lamb Of God

(C)Your only Son, no (G)sin to (C)hide. But You have (Am)sent (F) Him (C)from Your (G)side, to (C)walk up - (F)on this (C)guilty (Am)sod, (F) and to be - (C)come the (G)lamb of (C)God. (chorus) (C)O lamb of (Am)God, sweet (G)lamb of (C)God. I love the (Am)ho - (F)ly (C)lamb of (G)God. O (C)wash me (F)in His precious (Am)blood, (F) my Jesus (C)Christ, the (G)lamb of (C)God. (C)Your gift of love they (G)cru - ci - (C)fied. They laughed and (Am)scorned (F) Him (C)as He (G)died. The (C)humble (F)king they (C)named a (Am)fraud, (F) and sa - cri - (C)ficed the (G)lamb of (C)God. (chorus) (C)I was so lost I (G)should have (C)died. But You have (Am)brought (F)me (C)to Your (G)side. To (C)be led (F)by Your (C)staff and (Am)rod, (F) and to be (C)called a (G)lamb of (C)God. (chorus)
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