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Performer:  Big Tent Revival
Album: Open All Night
Copyright: Ardent Music
Transcribed: Daniel McNeal dmcneal@engr.latech.edu

The Best Thing

-Intro- -Electric Guitar- |----0--| |--1----| |-------| |-------| |-------| |-------| -Acoustic Guitar- C G F X2 -Verse 1- C G F Well I know the road your on C G F And where it's leading to C G F There ain't no comming back C G F If you make it through Am G F Well it'll cost you everything Am G F With nothing to show for it C G F But if you want it better child C G F Well here's chance to go for it -Chorus- C G F The best thing in life C G F Is definately free C G F The best thing in life C G F Is good for you and me -Verse 2- One thing's for certain I have been taught The key to heaven Just can't be bought 'Cause the standard is perfection And we're all short of it But in came Jesus And he was above it -Chorus- -Bridge- Am G F Riff Jesus on the cross paid the penalty Am G F Riff Offers back to us life eternaly Am G F Riff The choice is up to you just remember this Am G F No matter what you've done Jesus he forgives -Guitar Solo- -Repeat Chorus- -Fill- |-------------------------| |-------------------------| |--------------------5^---| |-----------------5/7--7--| |-----3--3/5-5/7----------| |--3/5--------------------| -Guitar Solo- |-------------------------------------------| |-----------------5\------------------------| |--4/5-5-4-5-4----5\--7^-5------------------| |--------------7-----------5/7-5-----5------| |--------------------------------5/7---7-3--| |-------------------------------------------| |-------------------------------------------| |-------------------------------------------| |-----------------5--5/7^-5-4/5-5-4-5-4-----| |--------------5/7----------------------7---| |--3--3/5-5/7-------------------------------| |-------------------------------------------| |--5/7-7-7-5--------------------------------| |--6/8-8-8-6-5/6-5--------------------------| |-------------------------10^---------------| |------------------7/9/10-------------------| |-------------------------------------------| |-------------------------------------------| -if you like this song, visit my web page at http://www.latech.edu/~dmcneal/ccm_index.html
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