English Folk Songs From The Appalachian Mountains Series 2

By Cecil J. Sharp, With Pianoforte Accompaniment

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1.     111 tell you of a brisk young" farmer,                6. Who is a credit to any man;
He courted a fair and a handsome lady, Who did dwell in Shelvey Town.
2.    When her old parents came to know this 7. They grew angry and did say:
We'll send him over and over the ocean, Where his face you'll see no more.
3.    He sailed and he sailed all over the ocean 8. Till he came to his own sea-side.
If Molly is alive and I can find her I'll make her my lawful bride.
4.    As he was a-walking-, as he was a-talking-, 9. As he was a-walking- up the street,
Cold drops of rain fell just as it happened I and my true love did meet.
5.    How do you do, my pretty fair lady,               10. Now do you think you can fancy me ?
No, no, kind sir, and it was her answer, My true love is across the sea.
O describe your own true lover,
O describe him unto me.
Perhaps I saw some sword run through him,
For I've just returned from sea.
O I can describe my own true lover; He is proper, neat and tall; He has black hair and he wears it curly; O his pretty blue eyes beat all.
O yes, I saw a ball g-o throug-h him, O he's dead, I saw him fall; He had black hair, and he wore it curly, And his name was William Hall.
O love is great and love is charming-When we have it in our view; But now we are parted and broken-hearted. O good Lord, what shall I do?
Cheer up, cheer up, my pretty fair lady, Cheer up, cheer up, for I am he; And for to convince you of this matter, Here is a ring- that you gave me.
11. They joined their lovely hands tog-ether, Down to the church-house they did g-o For to g-et married to each other, Whether their parents were willing- or no.
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