Folk and Traditional Song Lyrics:
Young Banker

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Young Banker

Young Banker

As I walked out one morning fair,
To view green fields and to take the air,
I saw young banker standing there,
And his true love was a lady fair.

Young banker he had an handsome face,
And all around his hat he wore a band of lace,
Beside such an handsome head of hair,
For my young banker I will go there.

He said my pretty fair maid will you go on deck,
With a chain of gold around your neck,
Whatever you do I will prove true,
But the answer that she gave I'll have none of you.

Young banker turned around for to go away,
But she called after him to bid him stay,
Oh stay oh stay and I will prove true,
But the answer that she gave I'll have none of you.

Now she thought she heard a foreman say,
Come pack up your clothes and come away,
It pierced her through the very heart,
To think that young banker and her should part.

So come you pretty fair maids with senses of loss,
Since the day in love you have been crossed,
For you may lament and you may say,
Forever rue the day that you said nay.

Trad: English
Sung by The Watersons
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