Folk and Traditional Song Lyrics:
You Gentlemen of England Fare

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You Gentlemen of England Fare

You Gentlemen of England Fare

You gentlemen of England fare
Who stay at home free from all care
Oh little do you think or know
The dangers Seamen Undergo
They mile they Toil all on the way
They work like Turkish galley slaves

Twas on November the fourteenth day
When first our Admiral bore away
Intending for our native shore
The wind at west Southwest did roar
Attended by a dismal Sky
The seas they ran full mountains high

The Very first Land our Ships crew made
It proved to be the old rams head
Which made us for to rejoice and bound
To see our flag staff in plymouth sound
But streching oer the fisher noes
Thinking to bring our palamoers

The tide of Ebb being quite run down
The current Strong to the west did run
Which made us for to Stomp and Swear
Our Goodly Ship She would not wear
The wind & the weather Encreasing sore
Which drive nine sail of our line on Shore

The first was the Duke of north Cumberland
The Lion and the antelope
The eagle and the weasle too
Which caused Elizabeth for to rue
She ran stemlong the Lion broke
And sunk the orange at one Stroke

Now is to Come the worst of all
Our largest ship hand the greatest fall
The Beat croronation and all her men
Were lost and drowned except nineteen
Which was the mate with Eighteen more
Who in the longboat got on shore

The worst of loosing of lifes
Is to our sweethearts and our wifes
Next to the nation it mus be
To loose nine Sail Such Ships as we
But Oh! the girl I love I Hope
She'll keep and constant prove

When I was young and crost in love
Which first caused me the Seas to rove
My parents they have crewel been
Would not let me Enjoy my queen
But oh ! ye powers above
Help me to the girls I dearly love
DT #555
Laws K2
Flanders and Olney. Ballads Migrant in New England
Collected from James Copeland of Bridgeport, CT

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