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Yorkshire Couple

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The Yorkshire Couple

The Yorkshire Couple

Its of a Yorkshire couple, this story I'll relate,
Who waited on retirement with apprehension great.
In their little mill tied cottage, said Amos feeling low,
We've to leave this house tomorrow, wherever shall we go.
Wherever shall we go, wherever shall we go.
We've to leave this house tomorrow, wherever shall we go.

Said Martha unto Amos, well don't you fret old lad,
The thought of your retirement, it ought to make you glad.
Since the minute we got married I've saved for a rainy day,
Each time that we made love I put half a crown away.
Do you see that row of cottages, down by Dog and Gun,
We hadn't been married but a year before I'd bought first one,

The second two years later, the third it brought me tears,
The fourth one took much longer, over twenty years.
Said Amos unto Martha, you know I love you so,
And now I see the wisdom of reaping what you sow.
But one thing vexes me though, why did you never tell,
If I hadn't of played away, I'd have had Dog and Gun as well.

Said Martha unto Amos, well you know I love you dear,
But when you said you were working late, well I knew where you were.
D'ye remember our old milkman, the one that were such fun,
Well I did the same wi' him, and I bought him Dog and Gun.

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