Folk and Traditional Song Lyrics:
Years that Come to Pass

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The Years that Come to Pass

The Years that Come to Pass
(Jeanie Stahl and Mason Daring)
cho:   Goodbye, we'll meet again
       In the years that come to pass
       Goodbye, farewell, a dream that never ends
       Still lives in the love that we had.

Oh, the miles that may come between us again
The lovers that we might find
Can never cast a shadow on the memory of you
I'd never leave that memory behind.

If our lives should chance to cross once again
This time, with no strings attached
Well, life is like the river that races to the sea
There's never time nor tide to turn it back.

Goodbye. Goodbye.

If you hear of a lady who sings
Of someone both tender and true
Remember that the lady remembers her love
Know that the lover was you.

(c)Daring Music/ASCAP
(first recorded by Bill Staines)
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