Folk and Traditional Song Lyrics:
Willie Buckthorne Had a Cow

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Willie Buckthorne Had a Cow

Willie Buckthorne Had a Cow

     Willie Buckthorne had a cow,
     They ca'd her Killiecrankie;
     She fell o'er the auld-bane dyke
     And broke her covenantie.

     Hinck, spinck, sma' drink
     Het yill and brandie;
     Round about the haystack
     Seeking hochmagandie.
     Willie Buck had a coo,
     They ca'd her Leddy Pentie,
     She fell owre the Brig o' Dee
     And bruke her Covenainty;
     The King's Covenainty,
     The King's Covenee,
     And a' the Deuks o' Gordon
     Were gaun awa' to flee!

     Will Broo hed a coo,
       They ca'd her Lady Penty.
     She fell ower the Brig o' Dee
       And broke her covenentie.
     Hey, covenentie! Hey, covenee!
       A' the fowk in Aiberdeen
       Cam' rinnin' oot tae see.
     (1) Thomas Wilkie MS. notebooks (1813-15) in NLS, per
     Thomas Crawford, Love, Labour and Liberty (1976), 17.
     (2) Rymour Club Misc. I (1906-11), 172 (4 lines), from
     Kirriemuir, common 50 years before, i.e. c. 1860; whence
     SC 48 (no. 45).
     (3) Rodger Lang Strang (1948), 18.
     Hink-skink is a variety of small beer: cf. Chambers PRS
(1847), 319, (1870), 392:

There's first guid ale, and syne guid ale,
            And second ale, and some,

Hink-skink, and ploughman's drink,
            And scour-the-gate, and trim.
Another form is inkie-pinkie [perhaps the same as hickery-
pickery, a purgative, originally a corruption of Latin (and
Greek) hiera picra], reduced to ink, pink, as in a milder
version of Wilkie's lines:

Ink, pink, sma' drink,

Het yill and brandy:

Scud aboot the haystack:

And you'll get sugar-candy.
[SND V.281, quoting R. Wallace's ed. (1899) of James Shaw, A
Country Schoolmaster, originating in Dumfries, c. 1800, p.

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