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Whummil Bore

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The Whummil Bore

The Whummil Bore

Seven lang years I hae served the king,
     Fa fa fa fa lilly
And I never got a sight of his daughter but ane
     With my glimpy, glimpy, glimpy eedle
     Lillum too tee a ta too a tee a ta a tally.

I saw her thro' a whummil bore,
And I never got a sight of her no more.

Twa was putting on her gown
And ten was putting pins therein

Twa was putting on her shoon
And twa was buckling them again

Five was combing down her hair
And I never got a sight of her nae mair.
Her neck and breast was like the snow
Then from the bore I was forced to go.

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Child #27
From Motherwell's Minstrelsy
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