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Up Stocks Doon Stules

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Up Stocks, Doon Stules

Up Stocks, Doon Stules

     Up stocks, doon stules,
     Dinna think 'at we are fules,
     We're but bairns come to play,
     Rise up and gie's oor Hogmanay;
     God bless the maister o' this hoose,
     The mistress also,
     And all the little children
     That roond the table go;
     Your pockets fu' o' money,
     Your bottles fu' o' beer,
     You'll never miss a ha'penny,
     To begin this guid new year!

     Rymour Club Misc. I (1906-11), 53; Hogmanay rhyme from
     Deeside.  Hendry/Stephen Scotscape (1978), 3, has 1-2,
     var. "sticks".  See also "Rise up, gudewife".
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