Folk and Traditional Song Lyrics:
Unemployment Line

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The Unemployment Line

The Unemployment Line

In the unemployment line.
In the unemployment line --
I see the butcher, and the baker,
A faker and a quaker,
And an old girlfriend of mine.
There's while collars, blue collars
And no collars, too.
Talkin' 'bout the bad new times,
And we all get together every Wednesday afternoon
In the unemployment line.

Now who do you think was there today
Talkin about food and rent?
There was a hard hat, fat cat,
Girl from the laundrymat
And one ex-President.
I raise my eyes and prayed to the Lord,
"Please save this world of mine."
Then I turned around,
And I saw God standin'
In the unemployment line.

In the unemployment line.
In the unemployment line.
Hey, I'll see all you in a week or two...
In the unemployment line.

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