Folk and Traditional Song Lyrics:
Ultimate Blues

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Ultimate Blues

Ultimate Blues
(Bob layton, Donald A. Duncan)

I didn't wake up this mornin'
Didn't get outta my bed;
But when I DIDN'T miss my baby,
That's when I KNEW that I was dead!

cho: Got them never no mo'
     Done dead fo' sho'

Didn't make no coffee,
Didn't look down in my cup,
Didn't say "Good mornin'!" to the blues,
`Cause I never did wake up!

Now, I cried when my baby left me,
But it didn't do no doggone good.
But I missed her till my dyin' day,
Just like I said I would!

If the river was whiskey,
I'd never come up
Cain't do no swimming
When you're one dead duck.

Once I drank wine and whiskey,
Anything I could,
But that ol' embalming fluid,
It don't taste so good.

My baby heard that I was dying,
She laughed out' her head.
I took my money with me,
Now she's out there dressed in red.

You sittin' in my kitchen,
Talkin' out yo' head,
So busy gabbin',
Didn't notice I was dead.

Drove down to the graveyard,
In a rubber tired hack,
Left my money to my baby,
So she drove a Cadillac.

Didn't drink no wine fo' breakfast,
Didn't drink no whiskey 'fore bed,
Didn't end the day by bein' dead drunk,
'Cause I started it bein' dead.

Didn't place no bet on the ponies,
An' I don't know which is worse -
To find your horse come in dead last
Or to find out you're dead first.

Didn't shoot no craps with Willie,
Jes' didn't roll them bones
An' no point in askin' for snake eyes
When there's pennies layin' on my own.

Didn't take no train to Memphis,
The place I left to roam,
But I'll ride there in my coffin -
Jes' finished dyin' to go home.

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