Folk and Traditional Song Lyrics:
Ula Drake

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Ula Drake

Ula Drake

There lived a man in Bucarest, Ula was his name
He fell in love with a pretty fair maid from a foreign shore she came

Her name was princess Rosalie from Transsylvania's land
Her father was the prince of the dawn by the name of Lord Tyrant

Rosalie began to cry, oh Ula Drake said she
I don't want to be the wife of a king, would you go away with me

But 3 days later they were caught by the men of Lord Tyrant
He killed his daughter in a rage and brought Ula to his land

Lord Tyrant spoke the filthy curse at Transsylvania's shore
You stole my daughters heart from me and the King that she adored

You shall not live and you shall not die, fight your endless fight
Your meal will be the blood of fair maids And your kingdom will be the night

The winds do sing a dreary song on Transsylvania's shore
The story of Lord Dracula and the girl that he adores

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