Folk and Traditional Song Lyrics:
Swing and Turn Jubilee

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Swing and Turn, Jubilee

Swing and Turn, Jubilee

It's all out on the old railroad,
It's all out on the sea,
All out on the old railroad,
Far as I can see.

cho: Swing and turn, Jubilee,
     Live and learn, Jubilee.

Hardest work I ever done,
Workin' on the farm,
Easiest work I ever done,
Swingin' my true love's arm.

If I had a needle and thread,
As fine as I could sew,
I'd sew my true love to my side
And down this creek I'd go.
If I had no horese to ride,
I'd be found a-crawlin'
Up and down this rocky road
Lookin' for my darlin'.

Some will come on a Sat'day night,
Some will come on Sunday;
If you give 'em half a chance
They'll be back on Monday.

I  won't have no widder man
Neither will my cousin,
You can get such stuff as that
For fifteen cents a dozen.

Coffee grows on a white oak tree,
Sugar runs in brandy,
Girls are sweet as a lump of gold,
Boys as sweet as candy.
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