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Sweet Violets 3

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Sweet Violets 3

Sweet Violets 3

There was a young farmer who sat on a rick,
Bawling and shouting and waving his fist

At a lady who sat on the rocks
Teaching young boys how to play with their

Bows and their arrows and weapons of yore
When along came a lady who looked like a

Decent young lady who walked like a duck,
She said she had found out a new way to

Educate the children to sew and to knit,
While the men of the manor were shovelling

Muck from the barnyard and dirt from the byre
Where the lord of the manor was pulling his

Horse from the stable to go on the hunt
While the lady of the manor was powdering her

Face - what did you think I was going to say?
I'll sing it another day.

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