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Sweet King Williams Town

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Sweet King Williams Town

Sweet King Williams Town

My bonnie barque floats light and free
Across the surging foam
It bear's me far from Innisfail
To seek a foreign home
A lonely exile traveller
'Neath misfortune's cruel frown
Away from home and the friends so dear
In sweet King Williams Town

While here upon the deck I stand
And watch the surging foam
Kind thoughts arise all in my mind
For friends I'll ne'er see more
For childhood days and all happy hours
As fast the tears roll down
For my old home and the friends so dear
In sweet King Williams Town

Shall I no more gaze on that shore
Or view those mountains high
Or gaze along Black Water's banks
Where I roamed as a boy
For to view the sun over Knockacummer
Light up the heather brown
Before she flings
Her little farewell beams
Over sweet King Williams Town

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