Folk and Traditional Song Lyrics:
Susie MacLean

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Susie MacLean

Susie MacLean

I went to a tea party three weeks ago
       G         D7        G
I had never been at one before
G                       D
I was dressed up in my best, just like this

A                    D
And got there at a quarter to four

     The lassie that served me my tea was a queen
     A                   D
     One of the bonniest I've ever seen
      G                    C             G
     Susie MacLean is her name and I'll tell
           D                        A         D
     I've never done nae thing but sing to mysel'
         G   D
Since I met her.

G D7
CHORUS:   Susie MacLean
            G           A         D

When are you going to change your name?
           G            D7            C           G

Just say the word and I'll make you my wife
                    D7                   G

And I'll love you forever the rest of your life

I asked her if she ever had been in love
And she told me that she never had
Well I said, "You're a love," ach, I said "You're a dove."
But she just said, "Away, you young man."
     I teased her and squeezed her, she said I was rough
     Then she gave me a cuff on the jaw with her muff
     But when I got home I sat down and wrote
     A letter to Susie and this is the note
That I wrote her.             <CH

Her father and mother invited me soon
To the house 'cause they wanted to see
Susuie's selection and so I went down
For a chat and a wee cup of tea
     We strolled down the garden sat under a tree
     It got darker and darker; then I couldn't see
     But when the moon came out onto the scene
     I snuggled close, she said, "What do you mean?"
I said,                       <CH

SPOKEN: You know, I believe there are some of the young chaps here, you
know, in love with some girl or another, but just for the want of that
something, you know, gumption - aye, that's the word: gumption - just for
the want of gumption you don't know hoo to go aboot it in a successful
direction.  Well then, I'm goin' to try and help ye, aye.  I've written a
book on luve, aye, and its entitled "The Only Way", aye, and it commences by
starting at the beginning.  Aye, it says that love is an inspiration, and
conversation, and consultation.  After consultation, there is jubilation;
after jubilation there is os-cillation; then after os-cillation there is a -
hesitation.  After the hesitation, there is a sort of sep
another conclusion, which sometimes turns the whole thing into a delusion
terminationg in confusion.  But.  Aye, but.  But.  ut mind, I'm gonna tell
ye.  If you follow these directions, you'll never go on the rocks.  That's
the way I went about it with Susie.

From Harry Lauder
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