Folk and Traditional Song Lyrics:
Sunlight the Shadow and You

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The Sunlight, the Shadow, and You

The Sunlight, the Shadow, and You
(Jinx Davis)

Well, it's early in springtime and daybreak is near
And far off a robin is singing so clear
And the dewdrops they shimmer and the quiet runs deep
And I turn and I touch you in sleep

     And the sunlight and shadows dance down the wall
     Oh the dreams and the memories they tumble and fall
     And I think of your smile, the things that you do
     The sunlight, the shadow, and you

Well the sunlight comes dancing on down through the trees
A hawk glides and soars on the new morning's breeze
And you stir from your slumber in the pale morning light
And you turn and you hug me so tight

It's that sweet quiet time that we share before dawn
We cherish each moment and then it is gone
Like the shadows of sleep slowly drifting away
We rise and we greet the new day

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