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Sun Shade

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Sun Shade

Sun Shade

Dying's not easy today
Trying but can't get away
Feel just the almost touch of her hand and the trees in her hair
*Lies float* the sun, she saw only me in the sky
What could be higher than we?

Wind grows cold in the trees
She cries, so hard to please
My restless feet, the rain in the street and her Vanity Fair
Sighs in the eyes of the boarding-house lady who stares
Thinking I care

So, it's a long dusty road
Feelings I shouldn't have showed
Follow me with a sweet bird when I'm ready to fade
Lights like these burn so bright, keep me out of my shade
Wish I could fade
Just see me fade
Just see me fade
Just see me fade
Just see me fade
Just see me fade
See me fade

recorded by the Fairport Convention
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