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 Oh, 'tis sad to be parted from those that we love
 Strange faces we see every day
 Each heart string of mine is broken in time
 When I think of those dear ones at home.

 cho:     Goodbye dear old stepstone, goodbye to my home
     God bless those I leave with a sigh
     I'll cherish fond memories when I'm far away
     To roam o'er this wide world alone.

 I stood on my doorstep at evening and morn
 The wind whispered by with a moan
 The fields may be whitening, but I will be gone
 To roam o'er this wide world alone.
 I stood on my doorstep when school time was o'er
 And I wish for the time to go by
 Now it has passed. and I stand here tonight
 To bid this old stepstone goodbye.
from the singing of Bascom Lamar Lunsford (1882-1973) of Mars Hill, North
Carolina, near Asheville.

 Bascom Lamar Lunsford (Old Stepstone) Smithsonian Folkways CD 40082, 1996
(recorded in
 Ernest V. Stoneman (Goodbye Dear Old Stepstone) County CD 3510, 1996 (recorded
in 1928)
 Jane Voss (Goodbye To My Stepstone) Bay LP 207, 1976 (Out of print, but well
worth digging

 Walt Michael, an excellent hammer dulcimer player performs it, as does Harmony,
a group
 from Stone County, Arkansas  they just call it Stepstone, by the way.

 From the excellent notes on Smithsonian Folkways:
 OLD STEPSTONE (Brown 713, p. 448 vol. V) " 'Old Stepstone' is the title of this
 which I learned in 1904 from Miss Lela Ammons of Robbinsville, North Carolina.
She sang,
 played the song on the old-time organ, and would sing this beautiful text of
'Old Stepstone.' "

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