Folk and Traditional Song Lyrics:
Savior to the Poor

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Savior to the Poor

Savior to the Poor

Through the busy Greyhound station,
See the couple make their way:
She in pain with body swollen,
Due to bear a child this day.

As they step out on the sidewalk,
At the city gaze in fear.
Only simple country people,
Seeking work and shelter here.

Searching through the crowded city,
There's no time, no place to go.
With a sigh, a desk clerk sends them
Where they park the cars below.

So, amid the grease and tires
In the back seat of a car,
A child is born this morning
Underneath a neon star.

Though he cries to greet his borning,
No one hears on floors above,
Rich and famous at their feasting,
Speaking much of peace and love.

If a prince were born this morning,
If a king some day he'd be,
His would be a kingdom lowly
Some would scorn or never see.

But a few who have the wisdom
To perceive the gift of life,
People of the streets and alleys
Gather round the child this night.

Then if this child should grow and prosper
To a place in history,
Surely, these would be his people.
Savior to the poor he'd be.

Then through the years would pass the story,
Time and time again retold,
Till it spoke of signs and wonders
Frankincense and myrrh and gold.

Yet within each myth of glory,
Simple words of wisdom call.
Thus endures the truth of ages:
God is father to us all.

As sung by Bill Steel on "Chocolate Chip Cookies."
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