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Save the Best for Last

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Save the Best for Last

Save the Best for Last
(Tom Hodge)

People round this town have been here a while
They've been friends long enough to say hello with a smile
Though it feels like coming home is still weeks away
Me and this country band have come here to play

CHO: Play a sweet one for the encore and let's soften the pace
     Pass my hat to the crowd while you tune up your bass
     Slow the tempo down, Charlie, I'll take the mike from the stand
     We'll save the best for the last, to send 'em home hand in hand

I'm sorry to hear Fred left us last year
It's so good to see your face, your smile is so clear
I remember how he'd waltz you across the ballroom
Would you dance with an old friend in the light of this moon?

These songs keep me going, and I'm still amazed
At the new faces mixed with those mellowed with age
Oh, for thirty-odd years I've rolled over this land
Me and old Charlie and the rest of the band

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