Folk and Traditional Song Lyrics:
Salting of the Slug

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Salting of the Slug

Salting of the Slug

When first I came to Caid my fortune there to find.
I met some jolly countrymen, on barbecue we dined.
The talk soon turned to sport and game as the old style we chugged.
They said lad you have not lived till you have salt the slug.

We raised high our shakers full of Morton's finest grain (grind?).
We crept out to the garden damp the creature there to find.
We watched each creature swell and pop, did thrill me to the core.
And every slug did learn that night that when it rains it pours.

So if you're e'er in Caid, quaffing Angel brew.
And hearty lads and lassies fair do salt a slug or two.
Pray join the sporting company forsaking sex and drugs.
God bless us jolly salterers and have pity on the slugs

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