Folk and Traditional Song Lyrics:
Sailor and the Shepherdess

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The Sailor and the Shepherdess

The Sailor and the Shepherdess

It's of a bonny shepherdess
A watching of a flock,
Down by the seaside all alone;
Chance there came that way
Was a bright young sailor gay,
And he fain would make her his bride.

The weather it being warm
As she laid on the grass,
She caused the young sailor to draw nigh;
He kissed her ruby lips
While she lay fast asleep,
Saying, "My dear, you have stolen my heart away."

She woke in surprise,
She opened her eyes,
She saw the young sailor standing by.
"Sailor," said she,
"What brought you here by me?"
And by that she began to cry.

"I'm lately come
From that little ship you see.
I have landed on a rock all alone."
And he says, "My dearest dear,
I must find some comfort here,
Or else I am forever undone."

"O sailor," said she,
"How can this ever be,
Or how can I give my consent?
For while you're on the sea
My mind will have no ease
It will cause me to sigh and lament.

"O maiden," said he,
"If you will but marry me,
You'll have gold and silver in store.
The sea I will forsake,
And the promise I will make
To be true to you forevermore."

This couple joined in peace
To love and increase
The sailor and the shepherdess I'Il adore.
Take a sailor for your life
If they'll have you for their wife,
For sailors are blessed forevermore.

From Ballads and Sea Songs from Nova Scotia, Mackenzie
Collected from Alexander Murphy
DT #473
Laws O8
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