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Quickies(Very Very Brief Parodies or Fragments)

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Quickies (Very, Very Brief Parodies or Fragments)

Quickies (Very, Very Brief Parodies or Fragments)

I'm dreaming of a white mistress...
Oh how we danced, on the night we were wed
We danced, and we danced, 'cause the room had no bed.
I'll be seizing you, in all the old familiar places...
(To Colonel Bogie march)
Bulls***! That's all the band could play
Bulls***! They played it ev'ry day
Bulls***! Tarara buls***!
Tarara Bulls***! Bulls***! Bulls***!
(To The Billboard march)
There is a brown ring around his nose
And every day it grows and grows.
On top of a sofa, all covered with Joe
I lost my true lover, 'cause my name was Moe.
To be continued. And continued and continued. RG

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