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Ox-Plough Song

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Ox-Plough Song

Ox-Plough Song

Come all you sweet charmers and give me choice.
There's nothing to compare with a ploughboy's voice.
To hear the little ploughboy singing so sweet
Makes the hills and the valleys around us to meet.

Cho: And it's hark! the little ploughboy gets up in the morn.
     Move along. Jump along.
     Here comes the ploughboy with Spark and Beauty, Berry,
     Goodluck, Speedwell, Cherry, and it's walk along.
     We are the lads that can keep along the plough.
     We are the lads that can keep along the plough.

In the heat of the day what a little we can do!
We lay by the plough for an hour or two,
On the banks of sweet violets where we take our rest
While the cool breezy winds blow around us so fast.

If the farmer has no corn, no corn can he sow.
Then the miller has no work for his mill also.
And the baker has no bread for the poor to provide.
If the plough should stand still we should all starve alive.

And now to conclude, my song must here have an end.
I hope the little ploughboy won't ever need a friend.
Here's health unto the ploughboy wherever he may be.
Here's health to the ploughboy and God save the Queen.

As sung by Johnny Collins
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