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Off to the Sugarbush Again

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Off to the Sugarbush Again

Off to the Sugarbush Again
(Bill Cameron & Gary Glover)

Cho:  Here in east Ontario, when the sap is running, it's time to go,
     So grab your buckets, get the tractor chains,
     We're off to the sugarbush again,
     Off to the sugarbush again.

From the second rock back to Gruesome Gulch,
The sap ain't running very much.
Over in Quebec they say it flowed,
But not in east Ontario,
Not in east Ontario.

It's home drinkin' beer I'd rather be,
Than drilling holes in defenceless trees,
Humpin' buckets of sap for free
In mud and snow up to my knees,
Mud and snow up to my knees.

Although we live beyond our means,
Our daughters wear no designer jeans,
Nor are they bothered by fancy shoes.
They're wild as Watson's kangaroos,
Watson's Corners kangaroos.

Our sugar shack is a relic fine,
You could say it's past its prime
But if we stick a two-by-four in here
It might stand up for one more year.
Might stand up...

The pans all leak and they're full of scum.
Sap pump's blown to kingdom come.
I've got an idea and I'll tell you it:
We'd be better off with a gravel pit,
Better off with a gravel pit!

Words, Bill Cameron & Gary Glover; tune, "Limejuice Tub," Australian.

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